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Accepted into Twilight's Library!

Sweetie Belle is having a hard time coming to terms with telling her best friend and fellow Crusader Scootaloo that she likes her... as more than a friend, that is.

Following her directorial debut, Cheerilee sees fit to give Sweetie Belle the reigns in directing the next school play - which just happens to be "Harmony's Flowers", a romantic tale about the relationship between star-crossed lovers, a unicorn and a pegasus during the tumultuous period surrounding the passing of a law allowing marriages between the recently unified races of ponies.

With her feelings growing stronger, Sweetie Belle aims to use the play as a vehicle for telling Scootaloo her true feelings - what could possibly go wrong?

Cover art drawn for me by my wonderful sister!

Story chosen by TheParadoxPony, who cast the nailbiting final vote from my blog.

Side story "Playing Second Fiddle" here!

Comments and criticisms are appreciated. If there's something you don't like about the story, please let me know so I can avoid making those mistakes in the future.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 87 )

I WANT MORE :flutterrage:
Yaaargh :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, before I start reading this, I would like to ask, Final Nailbiting Vote? I thought that I was the only one who even gave a crap.... anyway, when I read that part, my entire body shook with a new felling.... no one has ever said that anything they did was because of me specifically.... right, reading the story now.

I... rather enjoyed it. While a bit similar to other stories this one doesn't dillydally on the whole "She loves me, she loves me not" deal. I am anxious to see how far Sweetie goes, and to see if Scootaloo will return her feelings.

One last thing to mention is that when I first read the idea for this story, and said I would enjoy it, you, (the author) said "all right, I'll do it" without a second thought. would just like to tell you that I support your decision, and will try to help however I can. I also thank you for writing this story. You didn't have to.:pinkiehappy:


Ah yes, that "nail-biting" comment was intended to pretty satirical. I didn't think anyone would notice or pay it any mind!

Truthfully, all three of the concepts I had described in my blog were ones that I was fully prepared to work on to take a break from my other story. However, I dove into this one as sort of a demonstration that I truly do value reader feedback and that I appreciate the time taken from readers' schedules to view something that I worked on as opposed to the dearth of other content on the site.

4583658 not to be that guy, but I think you used dearth incorrectly. The word you want is plethora. (But other then that I'm a huge fan of your stories)


That's precisely the kind of feedback I'm looking for, actually!

Any chance you'd like to be a pre-reader sometime?

Oh boy, I can see this going wonderfully :D
Another great chapter, loving the story so far! Thanks for writing it :3

That was actually really impressive writing on your part to get them to play the romantic roles in a convincing fashion. :twilightsmile:


Thanks for writing it? No, thank YOU for reading it!

Seriously, it means an awful lot to me.

I like how they're all straight with the exception of Sweetie Belle, but there's no possible way that all relationships could be straight, since 9 out of 10 ponies are female, so 8 out of 10 would have to be Lesbians, so...:facehoof:
Anyway, hilarious story, all I can think of is the "Artistic Liberties" Sweetie Belle would be that:

"In tonight's performance, we will be reflecting not only the societal differences of the past, and the present, on interracial relationships, but also... Same-sex, relationships!"
Entire crowd gasps, a few mares with 1940s style hats faint in horror.


story looking good so far cant wait for the next chapter!

by the way awesome profile pic! :scootangel:

Also, I'm wondering what :rainbowdetermined2:'s and :raritywink:'s reactions to the kiss are, hehe.

Ahh, good to be back, and yet another good chapter! (I'm still honestly surprised at the fact that you wrote this because I asked.)

A bit more accidentally-on-purpose than I was expecting with SB being voted into being Star Bright without actually seeking the role. Have a ribbon:

I'm enjoying this very much, including the theater history touch that females used to play all the roles!


Thank you for the ribbon and approval! I feel really lucky to have been accepted into Twilight's Library, and to have been given guidance to iron out the kinks in my writing habits.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story, and some of my future works that may come across your queue!

Finally got to read this and it's pretty good.

I like that you just cut right to the chase and Sweetie's conversation with her sister is hilarious.

I also like the idea of the holiday this is for, that's a nice addition to the lore.

It lives and it is back in style! A good thing about this story is, it builds up the tension until Sweetie is able to express how she feels about Scootaloo directly to her. I love it! :heart:


Please please don't tell me this story was dropped...:fluttercry:


Actually, I just posted the third chapter less than 12 hours ago! It is not dropped!

To answer your question: I think it works perfectly! It would actually be fun if you could publishthe whole play in the end as a bonus chapter.

I honestly had not thought at all about doing that! Given how lengthy I tend to make my stories (I don't mean to, honestly!) I might consider publishing that as a separate story!

5441268 Well, this wouldn't be as good if you'd make it short, so write on! I like it :)

That would be awesome!:pinkiehappy:

Well, should have seen that coming,

Poor Sweetie.

Rather great chapter though,

Read the first two chapters and I'm in love with it already! Although, I'm getting the feeling that the third will be the unleashing of the storm, metaphorically speaking.

Finally caught up and yes, I'd say you did well with the story within a story method. Also, that wasn't nearly as heartrending as I thought. Personally, I thought it would be three times worse. (And I personally, love the fact you have included canon material and used on a 'cause and effect' basis.) Looking forward to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

What a sweet ending, now I'm tearing up now. This story was a sight to see from beginning to end, well done. :raritycry:

*feels liquid seeping from my eye*

Tear.... tear go back home.... dammit. More feels.

:scootangel::heart::unsuresweetie: Always. The only bad thing is this is now over. You are the Scootabelle master! I freaking loved this fic.


I'm blushing at your compliment, but you have written many more Scootabelle fics than I have.

I am still really happy that you enjoyed this so much! Your support means a lot.


Both of you totally made writing this worthwhile. Knowing that I made someone "feel" something from something I wrote is incredibly rewarding!


Bravo! I love the way you wrote these two characters! I'll probably be checking out a few of your other books tomorrow.

5676350 There's not currently a whole lot to check out, other than a possible update on Scootaloo & The Cabinet of Seers and the beginning of Blooming Backwards, but I hope you enjoy what you read!

Thanks again for choosing this one for me to write, because it's a story I'm very proud of!


I'm so happy for you that you finished this magnificent piece of art! I've reread the first three chapters, and i can proudly say that I've thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! :scootangel:

Amazing. Loved all of it.

5676083 I'm so happy that we made you feel that way. :scootangel:

reactiongifs.com/r/2012/09/orson_wells_Slow-Clap.gif That's all I got to say.
Although I was puzzled about one detail: The last few paragraphs, is that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo performing a play about the events transpiring in the story?

What can I say about this. It's kinda funny to me, seeing as how I first discovered this fic two weeks ago, and put off reading it til I finished reading a few other short stories. I started reading this just after the last chapter was submitted, and it's a good thing it all happened that way, because I didn't want to stop reading it once I started. I love everything about this. The story was delightful, the story within the story was handled nicely, no one seemed out of character and their feelings didn't feel forced, and at no point did it feel dragged out or boring. Sweetie Belle's big moment with Scootaloo during the play, I will say I kinda saw coming. However, how it was executed seemed to add more to the emotional ride I was already enjoying. I think this story just found its place at the top of my most favorite Scootabelle fics. Congrats on finishing your first story, I know how it feels to finish a big project. Keep writing. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing an expansion to that Harmony's Flower story. It was rather interesting.


Thank you for the nice review! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, and I'm really happy that the whole thing came together... even if the "moment" was a bit obvious. I guess for fluffy light-hearted romance, it's a matter of "how" versus "if"! I was going for what Cheerilee said about Sweetie's direction: snappy pacing, humorous and heartfelt.

You aren't the first that inquired about the rest of the play, either! I was going to include the scenes where Star Bright and Drift Monsoon were selected by their respective authority figures (Star's Father, Drift's Commander) and their reactions, but I cut them for pacing. If I did do an expansion of the play, it would be about Harmony (Apple Bloom) watching and learning about love and tolerance firsthand from Star and Drift, dissolving the beliefs that her mother poisoned her with.

5695865 that sounds like it would be pretty good. Also, since in this story the play the kids put on is a shorter, school adaptation of the play, there are many things you can do with the story to expand on what we've seen so far, and much more of what we haven't seen.
What makes the story from the play so interesting is that, one, the story sounds like something that would exist in MLP. And second, continuing from the first, is that it's something that feels like it expands the MLP universe by adding to their mythology and lore. Story's they read that entertain them, inspire them, or even learn from. One of the reasons why Daring Do seemed so interesting.... well, before the show writers decided to make Daring a real pony and not a fictional character. Lol, I hope I'm making sense. Anyway, those are just my thoughts. I look forward to see what you write next.

Congratulations on finishing your first story!
As usual, I really like all the fine details, and the very well designed scenes. You're a great story-teller. :scootangel:

To tell the truth the part when Sweetie Belle confesses and drops out from her role was a little bit 'strange' for me. For me, it was a little bit unexpected, or it just does not fit well with my 'Sweetie Belle picture'. :unsuresweetie:

Anyways, I appreciate your stories very much. Keep up the good work! :moustache:

5707820 Thank you!

I think, had I actually gone through the time leading up to opening night, Sweetie's "schism" and wish to speak freely would have been more apparent.

Though, it's strange that the confession was a bit unexpected for you, but another reader said they saw it coming. All a matter of perception, I guess?

Ahh, such a lovely story though! Love the moral/theme/huh-whatsit.

""Well, I've seen it many times. And each time, it was just a little bit different. The director adds his or her own personal touches, cutting some things, extending others, to show the audience how they interpret the story.""

As someone writing a play right now adapting something else, I seriously appreciate that.

""Oh yes!" Cheerilee clapped her hooves together. "A Tale of Three Fillies was such a fun three pony play! The beautiful costumes especially, and you girls had such great chemistry together. I'm sure you'd all do a fine job acting together again.""

I love how Cheerilee applauds something OTHER than the costumes, seems to fit her.

""...Well, it doesn't necessarily mean that we'd have to have a male unicorn playing Star Bright. I mean, back in old times, females played EVERY role in theater, even the male ones," Sweetie Belle mused aloud, rubbing her forehead with both hooves."

That inversion makes SO MUCH SENSE.

""I am not, I repeat, NOT, going to pretend to be in love with that blank flank!"
"I'm a blank flank!" Rumble turned his side to expose his grey, cutie mark-less flank to Diamond Tiara.
"Yeah, w-well, why are you even here if you didn't want to act?" The filly stepped backwards, eyes shifting between the script on the floor and the blank flank in front of her.

Hehe, that was a funny one, and good lampshading of Diamond Tiara's grudge more or less.

Overall, this was a funny chapter and I did in enjoy it, and the previous chapter.

Nice work!

Also, I like how Sweetie didn't INTENTIONALLY make her and Scootaloo the leads and it felt more organic and not contrived at all. Good work.

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