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I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to.


A Year in (Movie) Review · 5:25am Jan 10th, 2020

Peppered throughout my stories are various references to films and movies, as I'm sure several of you guys noticed (A Dare's Truth has several ponified versions of movies, and Scootaloo and The Cabinet of Seers has a few references as well). I love movies - I go once, sometimes twice, a week to the local theater to see a new movie! It's gotten to the point where the Tuesday staffer recognizes me and knows exactly how I like my popcorn.

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The True Gift of Gifting (PS4 game giveaway) · 3:09pm Dec 4th, 2019

Happy December, everyone!

Recently, during some impulsive electrical repairs, a member of the family accidentally damaged my Playstation 4's power supply to the point where the console could only communicate via the slow steady pulsing blue light of death.

I was offered the opportunity to acquire a new PS4 during the post Thanksgiving holidays sales, and bundled with it? Three critically acclaimed games that I either already played or already owned.

The Last of Us Remastered

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Bronycon 2019 · 10:27pm Jul 30th, 2019

Well, like thousands of folks here, I will be attending Bronycon this year!

I had hoped to get a new chapter of Scoots and the Cab out to celebrate but it wasn't meant to be.

There are plenty of fanfiction panels at the convention, maybe I can learn a thing or two about timely writing and technique.

I may also bring my laptop, so if any of you folks are there, you can break my ankles and force me to write ala Misery. Or, just say hello.

Hoping to see you there!

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Fragments of fiction, and the validity of non-canon stories. · 3:33am Jun 16th, 2019

So, like many fans of the orange winged wonder, today was a momentous episode for Scootaloo. I teared up at a few moments, and although the episode was predictable, it was a feel-good episode that reaffirms just how special the Crusaders truly are.

I won't spoil anything for the folks that haven't seen it, but suffice it to say, many MANY Scootaloo stories have officially been relegated to the realm of Alternate Universe.

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On Videogames and motivation · 3:24am May 6th, 2019

I'm reaching a tipping point with these videogames. I quite enjoy them, yes, and there is a massive disparity between the multitudes of games to play and the time available to play them. That's nothing new though; always has been, always will be.

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Digital Movies Giveaway · 7:12pm Jan 22nd, 2019

I have some spare digital movie copies to share with you friendly people, for redemption through Vudu or Movies Anywhere or what have you.

-Ready Player One (HDX)
-American Assassin (UHD)
-End of Watch (HDX)

And a special, rather fitting bonus, to commemorate the latest chapter in Scootaloo and the Cabinet of Seers, a digital copy of:

The Disaster Artist (HDX), "a tribute to those who dream so big and fail so spectacularly that they actually triumph."

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Hold Your Horses · 7:43pm Jun 21st, 2017

A new chapter for Scoots and the Cab is coming, chapter 2 for A Dare's Truth is practically in the can, and yeah.

I am very slowly integrating back to the writing process. I haven't written anything in a long time (save for a comically inappropriate and awful Sonic the Hedgehog western romance parody) so the whole experience is rather daunting to leap back into. It's why I haven't been on the site so often as of late. That and catching up on various media.

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Count Your Blessings! · 5:54pm Nov 27th, 2015

Hey gang,

It's the day after Thanksgiving in the States, a holiday with emphasis on being thankful for all of the things we've got, or that have happened to us. It's also become a bastion for post-holiday commercialism and gluttony, but nothing is perfect, right?

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Magnolia · 11:15pm Oct 16th, 2015

Hey everyone.

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525,600 · 3:08am Apr 21st, 2015

So, today marks my one year anniversary to the site. And it's as good a time to post as any my gratitude for the overwhelming support that I received in light of my last blog.

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