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Dusk- Story move · 7:15pm Jul 28th, 2014

All my stories have been moved to the account: DuskShadowBrony
I'm no longer hiding under my friend's name, I'll be writing my regression/padded fics under that name from now on.

And I will write some stuff of my own. Maybe. ~Monopony

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My Personal Bio, My OC Bio

Personal Bio

I am not into r34 or gore. And yes, my username is a reference to dangan ronpa.

I'll be writing up my personal bio shortly. ~Dusty


DustStorm is a gray pony with a darker gray mane. He has light and eyes. He is a Unicorn, with a cutie mark of a magical sword. Dust specializes in combat magic, and has a rather large amount of magical power. He grew up with a hateful and highly abusive family. After being mistreated for a very long time, and never experiencing familial love, he fled from home to Everfree. He learned to defend himself from the forces inside, and earned his cutie mark doing so. One day, Princess Luna was performing a short investigation of odd happenings in the forest. Her two guards were knocked out by a timberwolf pack, but Dust destroyed them in the nick of time. Impressed by his battle ability, she invited Dust to join the Royal Army. After some hesitation, he agreed to it. As he was still very young, Luna tried to take care of him, but Dust, although still seeing her as a friend, brushed off her support, used to being independent. Dust is intelligent and quiet, but rather reckless in his battle style. He spends most of his time researching new combat spells. Despite being a serious pony, he still enjoys spending time with the few friends he has. Even though his heart is shattered, he smiles through the pain. He hates to see others suffer, and is willing to endanger himself to save others. Dust currently resides in a room in Canterlot castle. He spends his free time studying potions, and often visits Zecora to learn her exotic ones.

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Hey monopony can I join your padded ponies role play group? I'm wiling to roleplay

Crap, I just read your blog; just disregard the last comment I posted, and best of luck!

You just let God deal with the people who have bullied you, such as your parents and sisters. He has ways of punishing the wicked, no matter what my friend.:twilightsmile:

Every day, people like you give me a little more hope to continue. Writing is a way I have of coping with my problems, and when people enjoy that writing, I feel even better!

Thank you.

I'm glad you've found friends of the fandom, hun!
You're a very talented writer and I hope you're feeling better! :twilightsmile:

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