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Rarity is honored to have been sent a special VIP ticket for a prestigious pre-opening performance of "Out Of Her Shadow," the latest musical that her friend, Coco Pommel, has made the costumes for. Oddly enough, though, she seems to be the only one in attendance.

Thanks to Auramane for convincing me to write this!

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Okay, D'aww...

That's so sweet.

Daw levels at 87. 100 is the highest safe level. After that there is a threat of heart damage.

I found two mistake: In the beginning of the third paragraph, you wrote "Coco Ponelle" instead of "Coco Pommel". In the same paragraph, you wrote "Marie" instead of "mare".

That was certainly fast. And quite an enjoyable story. I really like the idea of a show just for Rarity. Also, it's a nice touch that it ties with the theme of the episode itself.

that was awesome :twilightsmile: keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:.

Congrats on the first ever Clarity shipping.

Oh I loved it! :heart: This was great, awesome work! :pinkiehappy::raritywink:

Rarico? I think it sounds a little better, plus there's no 'L' in either of their names :rainbowwild:

Gonna fave for later! :twilightsmile:

3735296 Clarity makes it sound smoother and better. Besides there is an l in Coco's last name Pommel.

3735027 "Clarity." That's nice! I like that!

It's a cute story and I am impressed at how quickly it was written seeing as the episode came out this morning. I am curious about the song. Is that original or from something?


I wrote it myself! The name of the song was one of the first things that came to me when I got the idea for the story, and I just wrote the rest from there :raritywink:

3735401 do you have a melody in mind for that song ??? so you can make it a real one ?

This deserves more likes!

.... I am stunned :rainbowderp:
The story came out today and theres already a storie to it ....and a very good one for that matter...
heck, it even has a SONG :heart: :heart: :heart:
I really enjoyed this one-shot and the song lyrics were amazing , almost unbelievable you came up with this so fast :pinkiegasp:
Keep on writing :P You´re really good


I have a basic melody in mind for the lyrics, but nothing accompanying or anything. I'm a tiny bit musically talented, but nowhere near enough to put together a full thing :raritywink:

awww me neither xD elseway I would make one xD

I literally just watched that episode and found myself wanting some Rarity/Coco Pommel. Like only two minutes ago. And then I log on and see this.

You are magical.

3735990 on another note ... if somebody were to want to make a real song out of it ... would you allow it ?


Sure! That would be pretty awesome, actually. Though I know my silly mind would go temporarily crazy if the melody weren't like what I imagined. But it would still be really awesome.

I do not normally care or go for ship fics as a rule, but when I do, stories as well crafted and done as yours is are the one's I'll happily make exceptions for. Good job.

Paint's not even dry and this ship is already at full sail. Well done to you. :raritywink::heart:

Very sweet story... maybe if somebody slips a link to Mando and Eile something could happen with that song? :raritywink:

I do find myself, as somebody connected with theatre people, wondering about Coco getting a private performance done like that, but I'm telling myself she got the director to let her borrow a dress rehearsal. :pinkiehappy:

then...maybe.... if I find time I´ll try xD

*looks at the feature box* Wow...I had money on it being at least a DAY before a Coco fic got really popular, and at least a week before the cutie got a feature story. But,nope, she got a feature box story on day one of her debut! Congrats miss Pommel, you deserve it!

And congrats on making such a sweet and kind story, I love it and was very warmed with the dawws. Well done

Had I the least bit of musical talent, I'd be trying to fit a melody to those lyrics.

But I don't, so I'll confine myself to an upraised thumb and an unqualified "Well done."

very nice dude very nice

3735027 Clarity. That's a good name for it! :raritystarry:

3735296 That's a nice name too. Rarico... :duck:

That was amazing!:raritystarry: I remember watching Rarity Takes Manehatten this morning, and I immediately thought of shipping Rarity with Coco after. Thank you so much for writing this! It was a very sweet, and pretty well-written oneshot, and it was great for this pair! :heart: :twilightsmile::scootangel:

:pinkiesad2:D'awww! This is so sweet!

That was beautiful:raritystarry: I admit I'm not much for shipping Coco and Rarity but any story with them is a good story.

Five out of five mustaches for you: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Wow, you work quick. And this is quality work, too. Like Coco herself, I would say.

I've got a couple nitpicks--the mention of Rarity's friends helping out raises more questions than it answers, for example--but anything I could bring up would just be overshadowed (har!) by how dang impressed I am.

Bravo, and congratulations on launching the S.S. Cority. May she sail straight and true.

You know, in my first draft of my review of "Rarity Takes Manehattan", I speculated briefly how long it would take for people to start shipping Rarity and Coco together. Never in my wildest fantasies would that take like a day! :raritystarry: And this story is adorable! :yay: And really well written! And it's featured! And it was at must have been conceived like around noon today I imagine. :twilightoops: That takes a lot of skill my friend. Now all this ship needs is a name. Um... Rarico. No... Cority. That's it! I christen this ship:


Anywho, this might be worth continuing in some way. I ask you to really consider that. Good work on this. :pinkiehappy:

I must admit, you have impressed me. A romance story between Rarity and Coco that's hit the box with 24 hours of airing that isn't clop?

Bravo, good sir, bravo :raritywink:


Not read fic yet, but judging by the comments and feature you are amazing.

D'awwwww! How sweet! And wow this was fast. xD
I am seriously LOVING Coco right now. :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

This is simply marvelous! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

That was really cute. Shame songs don't translate so well in text, but I'm sure it would sound wonderful. Adorable story.

God I love a good romance story and let me tell you, this was fantastic!

Coco, you're gonna go far in life.


I want to see a story where suri havingl ost her fashion career finds out her ex assistant is now living happily with her career

SO CUTE!!:rainbowkiss: RariCo is best Main/Background pair.

You're gonna go far, girl. :fluttercry::heart:

This was amazing

This is how oneshots should be handled

have a fav, thumbs up and a new follower


Everything in it was perfect, the pacing, the characters, the actions. I LOVED IT!

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