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This story is a sequel to My Nightmarish Heroine

After years of being under the Nightmare Forces' control, Rarity is just now struggling to pick up the pieces and to figure out just how much she has really done. With only shreds of her memories of Nightmarity remaining, coming to terms with her darkest self will be hard enough. But when somepony from her time under the nightmare returns, Rarity must decide for herself whether this past is one that deserves to be completely buried.

Image from IDW Comics.

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We claim it’s because it looks a certain way, acts a certain way, whatever. But really, if you look hard enough, there’s a bit of ourselves in each and every monster.

I liked that line.


Thanks. It's something I'd been thinking about for a while. A lot of traditional monster narratives (like Frankenstein and some of the original werewolf tales) had the "monsters" actually be peaceful and try to be accepted by society, only to have them go berserk when they were rejected. So it's not always in their nature, but in the way they're treated.

6587656 Yeah, the way one is treated by others has a big impact on how he/she turns out. Being hurt/used/ignored promotes negative emotion, whilst acceptance and love promote positive emotions.

Awesome work. Wish there was more Coco and Nightmarity. Or really, more Nightmarity being good and not down right evil clone of Nightmare Moon.

These two stories are interesting. Normally, I'm not a fan of stories that leave the user guessing as to what actually happens after the end, but this is done really well. I was looking for a story, but I found art instead.

On the technical side of things, I found only two issues, both of which involve using the wrong word, though they could also just as easily be typos.

It’s been over a weak, and my body


with smiles or, in the worse of cases, a few looks of hesitation.


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