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Pinkie Pie's birthday is coming up, and given how far along she is in her pregnancy, she's been put on double-ultra-secret activity probation. This means no baking, which means no birthday cake, and that's just something that her daughter, Cotton Candy, can't allow. It's time to bake her a cake! There's only one issue: she can't bake to save her life. Luckily, Papa Pokey's perfectly willing to help out.

Cotton Candy (and the cover art of her) is a creation of the amazingly talented kilala97, who also did the prereading for this story!

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Putting this on my read later list. Haven't seen a story with the kids interacting with their dads. Breath of fresh air, this is.

It sounded almost like perfect, but not enough to [i[mean perfect.


...I was half expecting Pinkie enter early labor because of the shock caused by the cake.
Seemed... I dunno, Pinkappropriate.:pinkiecrazy:

Or I should just go to sleep.


Whoops! Fixed, thanks!


Oh, my god, that was adorable! I honestly think this is the first time I've seen any of the Next Gen kids interact with their fathers other than Spike, and you did a great job. I will admit that Pokey felt a bit... eh, bland, I guess, but you can't be blamed for that, as he has no personality. Still this was beyond adoracute. The image of Cotton Candy nom nom nom-ing on her mane while surrounded by cake batter is enough to give me beetus. The dialogue between her and Pokey was similarly sweet.

But the best thing was how you captured her inner-monologue. The way you used the narration to draw a clearer picture of her personality really made this a treat to read. I am faving this because it was sweeter than sugar, and I'm following you because I really, really want to see mroe stories like this.

Great job. :ajsmug:

This is adorable. Literally one of the best SoL stories I have read. Keep up the good work!

Nice story. I loved it. Good luck with your next story.

Good to see that you gave us this story, it was very adorable. Loved it! :twilightsmile:

Aww... Too cute! :heart: thumbs up!

First time I ever read a story that gave some character to pokey. And I like it

This is so incredibly cute! Great job! :yay:

Good job on this story. it's flawless enough, there's not a single dislike.

That was really sweet.
(Pun intended...)

Adorable. :pinkiesmile:


Edit: added to several other groups as well.

I enjoy reading this :twilightsmile:

She'd made sure to read them over and over and over again, and even another over when the previous over was over, because when it came to following directions perfectly, no amount of overs was ever over enough

Only Pinkie's daughter....
This was absolute adorableness.

Very cute but the fact she keeps calling herself candy felt odd. It'd be like Twilight constantly calling herself Sparkle.:rainbowlaugh:

Still great fun, bravo.

Very good, and I loved it!!! Except for one mistake... :raritydespair:

Why didn't she just accept Golden Delicious's help?

It's supposed to be Delicious'. You don't add an extra "s" if the noun ends in one.

Wow, I love how you came up with the Serious Time and Touch of Truth. They're adorable and so was this story! Very well written, indeed!:scootangel:

Wow! This is amazing... you are a great author. I love the wordplay that you used like the "over" repetition. It also helps that I love the Next Gen Universe. This was seriously one of my favorite fics just based on the writing! :pinkiehappy:

this was downright adorable,never underestimate a mother's love or the logic of pinkie pie

stay classy :moustache:


Good friggin' lord this was adorable. I love Candy, and Pokey was done well, too. I like she's not a great baker like Pinkie, or at least it's gonna be a while before she can get to that level. Overall, awesome.

Sooo cute! I love it!

I can't believe you used my OC creation!! But in my version she's different. To check that out check out my story Sharkie and Candy's Adventures :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

But she doesn't look like that in my POV and in my world her hair taste like cotton candy hence the name Cotton Candy! And her best friend is a shark prince! Also her other friends are: An Apple Family Member named Apple Seed, a Windigo-pony hybrid with wind powers named Windigo, another shark named Jaws, and a talented teenaged singer named Music Note, and of course Cotton Candy herself! Nopony knows her past except her, Sharkie, and Windigo. But if you bring it up your dead. So check out my story Sharkie and Candy's Adventures!:twilightsmile::twilightblush:


I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Actually, this Cotton Candy is an OC created by kilala97, who is an awesome artist and created children for the Mane Six and many other canon characters!

Good luck with your story!

Author Interviewer

Fuckin' A, this was adorable as fuck XD I can't.

I'm going to start here, I believe.

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