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I'm posting a story where they all pass on together. Don't know about you, but I feel immortality is a curse. This way isn't bad at all but they'd still likely have to watch everyone else they care about pass on like their friends and family. Though it is a comfort to think they'd at least have each other. It would be fitting when you think of the Best Friends till the End of Time song. Well, one way or another they will always be in our hearts. Feel free to check out my story Passing On Together.

I know right? I've always wondered why we should flip out over something never stated in the show to begin with.

So why not have them be friends forever?


People just don't seem to think of it.

Now that we've been shown Twilight's friends with aging wrinkles, the first conclusion everybody draws is "they're going to die", and with everybody writing stories or making art about it, it's a death spiral until it is "accepted fanon". :ajsleepy:

It must be broken, we need to show people that a happier ending is still possible! :twilightsmile:

Exactly. That's what I'm trying with my story. I'll probably put in fanfiction.net and deviantart as well once its done.

Comment posted by Griffonheart2012 deleted Oct 21st, 2019

Considering word of god is that Twilight won't outlive her friends, I like to think that being the bearers of the elements of harmony made the Mane 6 immortal.

I like this idea. Of course the Tree would want to keep it's most powerful protectors around as long as possible...but what about the Young Six? Are they simply the new Bearers, while the Mane 6 are the Council of Friendship?

I'm just glad to see a story where they didn't all ascend to become alicorns to live forever. Or one where Discord just decides to make them immortal. He's powerful, but I don't think he could grant immortality to five ponies, and I know Flutters wouldn't accept it if her friends couldn't.

The Young Six are happily living out their lives while occasionally having to go on adventures. I agree the Alicorn thing would be an easy solution or using Discord but I thought this would be a better approach...... That and I like Twiggy and would rather she have a happy future compared to other fics on the subject.

So do I. I hope the general fanon on the site changes eventually, because every time I see one of those "Twilight's friends are going to die"-fics right now breaks my heart all over again. :fluttercry:

Literally the second post-s9 fic I even dared to read just threw Fluttershy's funeral at me out of nowhere like it was nothing. And that story wasn't even tagged as "sad". It was just tagged as "slice of life", like the author* was expecting it to be normal. :pinkiesick:
*They did add the "death" tag on my request later on, but still... :fluttershyouch:

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I agree the Alicorn thing would be an easy solution or using Discord

To make it plausible, story-wise, immortality should be earned.

If Discord can just snap his claws and make them all immortal, it would feel implausible - or otherwise, he might as well do so for the entire population of the planet and not doing so would be wrong. :rainbowderp:

If Discord himself has to go on a quest for some ancient magical power at the heart of chaos or something, something that's life-threateningly dangerous even for him, and THEN comes back with it and uses it in combination with his powers to tip five nascent immortals over the edge... then that's earned. :ajsmug:

Or, if the Mane 6 are involved in defending Equestria once more - fighting alongside others, even in their age, fighting off the real Grogar, taunting them that they are weak and frail... and that their princess has fallen. :applejackconfused:

Twilight lies unconscious, her friends worried by her side. And for once, it is them who take up the friendship speech, not Twilight. It is them, who's eyes start glowing, as they slowly rise in the air, Twilight slowly coming to as Harmony heals her. And it is them who initiate the friendship blast, and banish Grogar back to Tambelon. :rainbowdetermined2:

And as the dust settles, and Twilight is taking it all in, she turns around, and...


(still working on coloring that)

...And no, those aren't actual fanfic ideas, but anybody who wants to write that is free to do so. :ajsmug:

They do nothing to help my anxiety about it that's for sure. Only thing we can do is write a different outcome.

And also, why does everyone assume we can only reform the villains in the distant future? :twilightoops:

Just because Discord* said "together forever" doesn't mean Twilight and her friends, who have reformed so many, would wait decades to try reforming them. Not, when one of them isn't an millennia-old immortal, but a filly. :applejackconfused:
*He's Discord.

We know the potential exists from "Frenemies". They almost reformed each other, without outside help. We were all expecting them to get reformed. :fluttercry:

So why does everyone assume their reformation could only happen in the distant future - often so distant, that the author asserts that Twilight's friends are already dead? :pinkiesick:

Why can't we write reformation stories that take place after only a few months? :rainbowhuh:

Why can't we do this?

[image by an unknown uploader]

And y'know, I think Starlight would be a great candidate for extending her lifespan via age spells, while we're at it.

In future fic ideas I actually do have Chrysalis hanging out with the main six. She refused to undergo the transformation Thorax did so she feeds off of the love of the characters. Same brutal personality but she no longer views them as enemies. Essentially imagine Worf from Star Trek, a proud warrior but deeply protective of those she cares about.
She likes Dash the best because she can put up playful banter.

Actually, I realized an instantly eye-grabbing story description that gets the idea across would be this:

"Worst six months of my life" / "Six months in stone"

Cozy Glow recounts the days when she was turned to stone, and how it ended.

...Granted, that'd be about Cozy Glow, but it could easily segue into Chrysalis and Tirek at the end. It instantly gets the message across that, of course, Twilight wouldn't wait decades to try reforming them. :twilightoops:

Bullet point list of potential events:

  • Cozy, being a pegasus, is claustrophobic. Her first moments in stone are spent hyperventilating, except, without even the "breathing" part - which makes it worse. There's also a lot of screaming and yelling from and between Chrysalis and Tirek. :applejackconfused:
  • Tirek / Chrysalis get "annoyed" with Cozy freaking out. (They kinda care, in their own way. :twilightsmile:)
  • Somehow, Tirek's reassurances that "oh, in a thousand years we'll break free, that's what always happens. Or hey, maybe it'll just be a hundred?" doesn't really help Cozy all that much. :fluttercry:
  • The trio feel a deep resentment towards the princesses and Discord; Cozy and Tirek in particular feel reaffirmed in their belief that "might makes right", since... the moment they lost their power, and Celestia, Luna, and Discord gained their powers back, they used it to take their vengeance on them.

    (Yeah... not even an offer of mercy this time - and the villains were already beaten and defenseless! :applejackconfused:)

  • Chrysalis and Tirek discuss half-hearted plans about future conquests as casual banter to keep up the mood. Mainly to cheer up a depressed Cozy.
  • Chrysalis and Tirek get into the old argument "who's fault was it", and Tirek blames Chrysalis for getting them petrified. "It would have been wiser not to challenge the alicorns WHEN THEY HAD THEIR MAGIC AND WE DIDN'T!" :twilightangry2:

    Chrysalis' usual method of responding to being insulted with violence doesn't work, since neither can move, and so the argument escalates further.

    During the argument, Chrysalis resorts to her old grandstanding about being the Queen of the Changelings and how it is beneath her to play the act of a groveler - and Tirek calls her "Queen of Nothing!" as an insult. That gets to Chrysalis. More than Tirek had intended. To the point her angry hisses and incoherent threats and curses against Twilight, Thorax, and Harmony itself are interspersed with sobs. :rainbowderp:

    And this is about the point in the story we get a bit more insight into why Chrysalis just simply can't accept her defeat. :unsuresweetie:

  • Optional: Perhaps the trio can still hear what's going on outside. In which case, there could be a scene involving a group of teenage vandals coming by and the trio being scared for their lives, freaking out. What if they smash their statue? But no, they just use spray paint or something and are chased off by a guard before they can do anything else.

    Again, the belief in power is reaffirmed - right now they are weak. They must gain power to be safe. :applejackconfused:

    And there's power in sticking together.

  • Something unexpected happens: Freshly coronated Twilight Sparkle de-petrifies Cozy - and only Cozy - under heavy guard and with shield spells to prevent any escape. Cozy is disoriented, stumbles, weak on her hooves from months of not using them. She looks up at Twilight and is terrified, huddling behind the still petrified Chrysalis and Tirek.
  • Optional: Twilight is horrified to learn that Cozy Glow was conscious this whole time. The spell Celestia and Luna cast wasn't supposed to do that!

    "...Discord." :twilightoops:
    (Well, I can see how Discord might see it as "fair", since that's what happened to him - and I could see that he might not immediately realize the difference in doing it to two long-lived immortals or to a little filly. Either that, or it was a genuine unintended side effect of turning three creatures to stone simultaneously.)

  • Twilight asks Cozy a series of questions, Cozy readily tries to give the answers that will give her the best chance of escaping captivity. But, somehow, no matter what Cozy says, no matter how much she hams it up, how much she says "I'm soooorry" with big, watery eyes (The tears aren't even an act!! :applecry:) Twilight does not seem convinced. Then Twilight reveals she's been using a lie-detection spell during her interrogation. And that, perhaps, as much as it saddens her, Cozy is still not ready for reformation yet. :ajsleepy:
  • Cozy falls to her knees and begs not to be turned to stone again. That she'd rather go back to Tartarus, anything, just not being turned to stone! :fluttershbad:
  • To her shock, Twilight readily agrees - "That was what I had intended in any case. I can not, in good conscious, leave a filly turned to stone, no matter how vile her deeds."

    (Or some alternative to Tartarus; though inflicting Cozy Glow on a prison for delinquent youths isn't fair towards the other youths either.)

  • But then, Cozy realizes she'll be separated from Tirek and Chrysalis. And she tries to make a case for them to come with her. "Please let them come with me."
  • Twilight, surprised, inquires why she'd ask for their company, weary/suspicious of some scheme.

    All the deceptions, all the lies, even when given every opportunity to learn about friendship at her school...

    Talking to Cozy Glow is... painful for Twilight, and at this point, she'd rather just get it over with. So she's not exactly willing to transfer the other two prisoners anywhere near where Cozy would be held, not even while still petrified.

  • Cozy pours her heart out about how they are the only ones who ever understood her, how they aren't just pawns, but allies to her, and so on.
  • "...What you just described..." Twilight said, very slowly, as if struggling to believe her ears. "Sounds almost... like you three are... friends... with each other?" :twilightoops:
  • Cozy's gut-reaction is to deny that "No! o-of course not! We're not friends, we're just allies!"
  • It turns out, Twilight still had that lie-detector spell running. And what she just said... was a lie.
  • ...And that's how Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek got a second chance. :twilightsmile:

    And why it didn't take decades for them to get that chance. :derpytongue2:

  • Flash forward some time later (preferably NOT the "distant future"), to the trio sitting at a cafĂ© in Ponyville, and here we learn who Cozy has been telling the story to: ...aaaand I don't know yet who that should be. :twilightblush:

And then cue this picture:


As for Chrysalis specifically... Chrysalis has some deep-seated issues that led her to reject offers of friendship in the past.

Even at the end, she was the one who kept shouting challenges and threats in Celestia's face, not Tirek nor Cozy Glow.


And looking back at this clip, it does make you wonder... Why was Chrysalis so afraid? :rainbowderp:

... I'm gonna tell you why:

Because, to her, accepting friendship means admitting that everything she's believed her whole life - was all a lie. Everything she's done - a mistake. It means accepting that those who took everything away from her were right. If she's not the Queen of the Changelings... then who is she? :rainbowderp:

And the sheer scope of that is just so overwhelming she hides it behind a wall of "righteous anger" against those who have wronged her. :ajsleepy:

THAT is what must be overcome for Chrysalis to be reformed. That would probably reduce her to tears when she finally admits she was wrong. That she's always been wrong. That everything she did was for nothing. :fluttercry:

...But then she has Cozy and Tirek to support her. "There's strength in sticking together!" :pinkiesmile:

Quite similar to an idea I'd had well before the season even started. Not direct intervention from the Tree of course, but their inherent individual attunements to the Elements and repeated use of that magic results in a powerful magical bond that causes them to share in Twilight's apparent immortality.

Really, this is where the varying statements from Jim Miller and I think some of the other staff about things being left to interpretation comes into play. Put in enough creative effort and it's possible to work around a lot of what happened in the epilogue. Heck, a random creative spark let me work around one of the teases while simultaneously allowing me to give a nod to it anyway (because frankly I wasn't about to change a story point I'd set in stone way back around season 5 because the writers decided to be cheeky in the last few minutes).

And honestly, working around it is something I'm going to have to do for that story idea of mine. The whole thing is a HiE story of course so adherence to canon has always been tricky, but up until the final season 9 two-parter I've been doing all I can to keep everything involving humans either "off camera" or "behind the scenes" to maintain canon while adding a whole new context to it.

As a "time skip" episode, however, the epilogue happens long after where I'd planned to have the two worlds reconnect with each other. So when that point in time would actually roll around there would be a considerably different set of influences on the world of Equestria to make following the epilogue to the letter highly unfeasible.


the moment they lost their power, and Celestia, Luna, and Discord gained their powers back, they used it to take their vengeance on them.

I know getting into yet another debate about this is going to be absolutely fruitless and will only run me ragged once again, but I don't see that as vengeance. I see that as making sure an established and unrelenting threat can no longer cause any harm that they almost certainly will cause if somebody doesn't put their foot down. Naturally, death would be taking it too far in Equestria, so suspended animation is really the best way to go.

And that's my personal theory on it, by the way. That they're not actually conscious in petrification, but are more sort of in a magical cryostasis.

Reading this story because I need something to get my mind off of all the fandom's doom and gloom over this. I'll worry about the actual writing of it later. Right now, I just wanna stay on my happy-high.

Dankeshe friend. :D

Yes I too am tired of the Twilacorn angst fics. This why I've made two alternatives this and The Final Gift. Because why should Twilight's future necessarily be an unhappy one?

Tell me about it. And it's funny, I just made a vent-post on this very topic.

Well, i always did say fictional characters were immortal.

Can I please get a link to that story?

It doesn't exist, unfortunately. It's just a story prompt for somebody else to write. :ajsleepy:

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