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This story is a sequel to Set Sun, Broken Heart

Celestia and Flurry Heart have arrived in New Mareland, safe for now from the Lunar Empire. However, the distance from Nightmare Moon does not mean there are no problems to face for the two of them.

With a resurgent Karthinian Pact under king Garibald Talonuel III to the east, an Aquileian Republic reborn in the Second Revolution to the north and only the Celestial Sea between New Mareland and the Lunar Empire, Celestia must play a dangerous game of politics like she hasn’t had to do in a long time, all the while taking care of Flurry Heart.

New Mareland itself is in a turbulent state that could easily escalate should things go from bad to worse. For now, the country is united against the Lunar Empire, but that can change rapidly. This too Celestia will need to keep an eye on, for her own safety and that of her ponies.

The coming years will be decisive for all the world, from Soryth to Hornavik and from the far northern shores of Pingland to the warm mountains of Hippogriffia, Through the actions of few the fates of many will be set in stone, or forever changed.

Important: this takes place in the Equestria At War universe. Equestria At War is a mod for the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, be sure to check out their Discord and Reddit if you're not familiar with it. They also have a group on this site: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212917/equestria-at-war

Rated Teen for sadness and the consequences of war, including trauma.

Cover art cropped from this: https://derpibooru.org/images/2361950?q=artist%3Amrscroup - I also removed the text remaining in the cropped part.

Featured on 18-11-2021. Thanks a lot for that:raritystarry:

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Excellent, we need more New Mareland content! And yay! Celestia isn't dead/canned! :trollestia:

'Now when I was a young mare, I carried me pack,
And I lived the free life of a rover
From the Freeside's green basin to the hilly outback,
Well, I waltzed my Muletilda all over.
Then in 1010, my country said "Lass,
It's time you stopped rambling, there's work to be done".
So they gave me a tin hat, and they gave me a gun,
And they marched me away to the war.'

awesome chapter keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

So in this story Aquileia went the nationalist path while Wingbardy went the absolutist path. These are interesting choices because they are the paths that would be neither supportive nor confrontational towards Equestria. Although, it is worthy noting that both the socialists and the pan-griffonians in Aquileia are hardline anti-monarchists, and while they do not have the presidency those two parties together could form a strong block in the assembly if they choose to cooperate.

Anyway, this story has great so far! More EaW fanfics are always awesome.

Happy to hear you like it so far! And yeah, I made the choices of politics for Aquileia and Wingbardy for a reason. No easy ally for Equestria.

‘’Princess Celestia, the Sunside House has been fully prepared for your arrival. A car will take you there through the city,’’ Jet Set explained to them.

Let me guess: It contains an oversized kitchen and is overstocked with cake ingredients, right?
:trollestia:: "Very funny. You know what else is funny? You getting roasted in the sun itself."
I don't think I would find this funny...
:trollestia:: "Guess I'll be the only one laughing then."

Celestia would have been content with far less, but a Princess needed to appear regal, and all the pillows she received were wonderfully soft, so she wasn’t complaining.


‘’It is good to see you have all gathered here. We have a great many things to discuss.’’
‘’The most important question of all,’’ Jet Set immediately took over, ‘’is: what do we do now?’’

:trollestia:: *narrows eyes*
Or maybe discussing the current situation. Hehe...
Speaking of current situation, what are the Changelings doing these days?

Nobody answered for a moment; evidently, Celestia had taken the room by surprise. Then Jet Set cleared his throat. ‘’We can form a department.’’

And it will only take five civilian factories and thirty days!

Interesting start!
I had already read the previous story, and I look forward to see where it goes.
Say, any plans yet on whether we will see River Swirl or Nova Whirl at some point?

Changelings went through the Civil War, which was won by the Thoraxians. River Swirl and Nova Whirl probably won't appear in this story; sorry about that. Still, happy to hear you liked it!

So, New Mareland is surrounded by enemies, and Princess Celestia must find a way to defend the last bastion of Harmony from the Griffons as well as her treacherous sister! I’m excited! Are we going to be meeting the Wingbardian King anytime soon? What about Rodier? What part will the Griffins play in this story? Will Flurry meet Grover the VI?
Can’t wait to see this story bloom!

In order:
A meeting with the Wingbardian King is planned, yes. So is a meeting with Rodier. I'm not 100% sure what role the Griffons will play in this story yet, and I also haven't decided what I am going to do with Herzland, but Grover VI and Flurry meeting is certainly a possibility.

And I'm glad to hear you're excited for more! I can't promise when the next chapter will be out, though.

Well I will be watching this story. It’s not to often you find EAW fics that are of any substantial size, so keep doing what your doing!


And it will only take five civilian factories and thirty days!

It is three civilian factories in EaW.

I wonder what's the situation in the Southeastern Civil War. But, from Celestia's statement of Equestria, it's safe to say that Stars Whirl and her thestrals won. However, Las Pegasus and the Southern States could be potential allies(unless it's Rockfeller, he's gonna lick NMM's boots for sure) Thorax as well I suppose, approaching them might gave the New Marelanders a foothold on Equus.

I wouldn't expect any assitance from Rodier but I'm really interested on the future meeting with the Wingbardians.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter. Reading about Flurry eating ice cream makes me crave for one too.

The SE Civil War is still going on, but with support from the all-but-victorious Lunar Empire Stars Whirl is bound to win soon.

As for the other breakaways, who knows?

Ay, Flurry made her first friend! From across the sea no less.

It wasn’t like they were spies, after all.

Ominous foreshadowing is ominous. Best get the heavy flamer and start spychecking, methinks.

Princess Cadence and her husband Shining Armour are on their way to Vesalipolis!

What have you done with the real Eltirion? Cadance and Shining are always dead! :trollestia:

Rule one of Eltirion fanfics: Cadence and Shining are dead.


Hopefully Nightmare Moon won't intercept those telegrams between Thorax and Celestia.
Otherwise she will bring a swift end to the United Changeling Hives. They are right next to her, after all.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.
And don't stress yourself with too much. Chapters are ready once they are ready. Not sooner, not later.

not that much a problem, NNM should be way too busy fixing her busted economy and and getting the break away states back.

The Hives should have a good 4-6 years before NNM is ready to throw down.

iv actually played this scenario as Thorax.

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Celestia had flown higher than the plane had before

So what's the ceiling for Celestia, that is interesting... higher than 7,000ms (I took ceiling for DC-2, but idk what cruise alt they had...)?

‘‘Perhaps,’’ was all Rodier answered.


‘‘A full military alliance,’’ Celestia answered, ‘’between Aquileia and New Mareland. Possibly joined by the nations of the Karthinian Pact.’’

Well that is sure interesting!

‘‘I wish to be back on the shores of Equestria by the summer of 1012 at the absolute latest.’’

Well much you want, but can you have it?

But she would ensure Crown Princess Vivienne survived, if nothing else.


Celestia can fly quite high, maybe you'll see how high later on.

As for her invasion schedule, I'll just leave that up to interpretation.

Questions is, will Rodier use Celestia for his purposes and later simply dump her as another monarch after victory over Peripheries and Empire or will he honor pact? He is combination of being idealistic and ruthless after all. Also actions of Nightmare may have big influence on final effect.

We shall see, we shall see...

‘’We don’t know a lot yet, Miss Sweet,’’ Quick Draw replied. ‘’I received a telegram from Admiral Celer informing me that the enemy had taken over the Spa Islands via invasion, that not everyone eligible had yet been evacuated, and that he had suffered no losses to his command except for minor damage to two vessels. They are making their way here now.’’

That is rather concerning. Little casualties? I wonder what happened there...

The details of this meeting were still being sorted out - it would be the first diplomatic meeting on such a level as this between Aquileia and Equestria since 990 BLB, and that had been between the Governor-General of New Mareland and the King of Aquileia. The former position was no less important than before, but the latter had been - both in practice and in legality - dissolved.

BLB? Isn't it supposed to be ALB? Or I'm going mad and Coltlumbus really did found Griffonia before Luna's banishment.

‘’You wish to defeat the Empire.’’ It wasn’t a very bold guess. ‘’I will also meet with King Gumberto of Wingbardy and the other leaders of the Karthinian Pact soon, just like we are doing now.’’

It's King Talonuel, unless he died and Gumberto took the throne.

Rodier sniffed disdainfully. ‘’Those that weren’t beheaded or died in the Revolution are serving a life sentence. As for the crown princess, we will deal with her flight to Les Méridiennes in time.’’

I sympathise Michel Discret, he was estranged from the rest of the Discrets for being a Republican sympathiser and his liberal ideas. Now, he's probably executed or sentenced to prison by the Republicans for just being a Discret.

Anyways, looking forward for the Wingbardians.

Thanks for catching those two mistakes!
Yes, the meeting with the Karthinian Pact will be rather interesting...

Sir, I regret to inform you that the Spa Islands have fallen to a Lunarist invasion.

:trollestia:: "Well, there go my plans for a spa weekend..."

Equestria has truly fallen then. My kingdom, broken again by my fallen sister. History is doomed to repeat itself, it seems.

Except it is you who is banished this time.
You could also be kinda glad about the circumstances. I mean, at least you are not confined to the moon/sun/wherever sun-alicorns are usually banished.

‘’Apparently we cannot even repel a single invasion,’’ Sour Sweet remarked snarkily as she put the letter down.

When I look at it on the map it looks like an easy target to me. I'm more surprised it managed to hold that long.

‘’See you soon, sunshine!’’ Celestia briefly nuzzled the top of Flurry’s head, then stepped out of the elevator and made her way straight ahead.

Flurry is called a sunshine by the sun itself! :heart:

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you, thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Rodier... I'd not trust him so far as I could throw him, but maybe he'll have enough brains to comprehend self-preservation.

Celestia really had to teach Flurry etiquette. At some point. Probably. Maybe.

Nah, it's good for now. If they aren't taken in by Flurry, they weren't worth talking to in the first place.

‘’Well too bad,’’ Gumberto snapped. ‘’You can look at it later.’’ He didn’t want to bother with this stupid filly and her stupid questions!

Well he's a bit of a dick, isn't he?

True enough. And I'm told he gets better with age. Whether that holds true remains to be seen though:raritywink:

‘’Oh, and another question. Would you mind if my son stayed with your niece?’’

Either Gumberto or Flurry is going to learn something from this, sooner or later. :trollestia:

Stability of both these agreements (as you can't call it pacts or alliances) depend heavily on two factors.
Less important - attitude od Nightmare, if she will behave like manic villain, then it's safe, BUT if she will be toned or even worse benevolent, then she may apply effective counter-diplomacy. Celestia's main argument is, how terrible and powerhungry is Nightmare, so her being reasonable will show Celestia as opportunistic liar (in eyes of griffons).
Second, more important factors is Thorax and his war performance. He better not get defeated by Nightmare too easily, or it will show Celestia as defanged and weak, risking both Rodier and Talonuel abadoning ship. Also Thorax isn't as militaristic as Chrysalis, while this Equestria is on total mobilization unlike canon one. So risk is great.

Good chapter, thanks Eltirion

Just wait and see. And thanks.

These alliances sound good on paper, but will they actually hold up?

That remains to be seen...

Finally catching up on my tracking, glad to see the update.

‘’So you must be Princess Flurry Heart,’’ Talonuel continued. ‘’Might I say, your mane is very pretty.’’
‘’Really? Thanks, Mr King!’’
Celestia really had to teach Flurry etiquette. At some point. Probably. Maybe.

Sounds to me like she is going good so far, especially considering her age.

‘’You don’t have to follow,’’ Gumberto pointed out rather smugly. ‘’I’m sure one of the members of the castle’s staff could show you more of the castle, if you so wish. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m going inside.’’ And getting a drink.
‘’Okay!’’ Flurry chirped. ‘’Have fun!’’
‘’Thanks,’’ Gumberto muttered insincerely, before spreading his wings and flying off.

King Talonuel: "You had one job. Just one job. It wasn't even particular difficult or complicated. And yet you managed to screw it up. How can I entrust you with guarding the kingdom if you can't even guard a single filly?"

Half a year later, we're back. Terrific upload schedule, I know.

Nah, don't stress yourself. Quality takes time.
Speaking of which, now that the "soon + two weeks" are finally over I should probably ask whether Zebrica exists in this story.

Indeed, and there is another point:
What if Nightmare Moon gets a similar idea like Celestia and contacts the Griffon Empire?
Especially if Grover VI is raised by the Archon he might be open to negotiate a deal...

Zebrica does exist but it shall play no role in this story beyond being mentioned a few times.

Gumberto Talonuel

. The dynasty is not called Talounel but di Almieri.

To be fair, Nightmare Moon isn't actualy interested in world domination, her focus tree stop at new mareland before the last one "Empress of Equss"

It would be interesting in see how she will react in the diplomacy part...and, unless thorax can pull a six D chees move, i don't see him survive the lunar empire warmachine for long.

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