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Snake Plissken

I escaped from NY and LA, i'm not going to escape from Equestria, i like it here, much better than America

Snake Plissken's page

Welcome to the Page of Snake Plissken, I am a fan of MLP and both "Escape" movies, and a proud brony, I also draw, seen here

I even have a playground dedicated in my name, yes, MY name

I escaped from two places, New York(then known as Manhattan Island Prison)

and LA,(Earthquake rocked and abandoned)

not gonna escape from Equestria, I like it here.


April 4th · 9:22pm Mar 5th, 2015

April 4th.


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Well, thanks so much for the watch, and may I ask, what story brought you to me? :raritystarry:

1658660 you seem to be awesome

1658639 nooo what i want is to know why you followed me after only having conversed asking about your name.....

1658608 as I said, I wanted to, I can unfollow you if that is what you want

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