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After finding out Wind Rider set Spitfire on a wild goose chase for an ice lily in the Crystal Mountains, Rainbow Dash flies after her. This is her very short journey.

Written for the EQD Writing Prompt of Rarity Investigates.

Rainbow Dash goes on a quest to retrieve Spitfire from the Crystal Mountains, and returns in the span of a single afternoon. What happened during her short but epic journey?

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Oh sweet Celestia, that ending! :rainbowlaugh:

This is going to lead to some interesting articles in the newspaper gossip columns:

Swapping Spitfire!
Captain of Wonderbolts caught in PDA with unknown Griffon!

A Random Guy is back! I already missed your fanfictions for the Writer's Training Grounds this time!

Great story! Unique idea, nothing short of what I expected from you!
And I like it that you have an "Everyone" tag on the story despite how sultry it gets at the end. :pinkiesmile:
Just two little mistakes I found:

“Okay, clearly you to have a healthy relationship going on in all departments.

There's a "w" missing in "to".

“Do you think she’ll replace you as team captain."

A question mark is missing.

6487336 Yep, I'm going to do these things until I get my mojo back for my big project. :pinkiehappy: Well, except for last week. Got caught up in doing math homework, midterms, and Payday. Actually, might as well do it. A story about necromancy and dinosaurs must exist!


A story about necromany and dinosaurs for "Made in Manehattan"? That's A Random Guy.
You must explain me this. :pinkiehappy:

6487903 I won't just explain it, I'll write it


I'm curious a lot about that. So far, you made every of your crazy stories work. A story about Coco Pommel fighting against revolting furniture is all the evidence it needs. :rainbowlaugh:

6488696 That's still my favorite.

This shit is so funny :rainbowlaugh:

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