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"I'm not the best at putting my feelings into words... Meet me on the roof after school. I need to tell you something. If I don't, I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

"Please don't leave me waiting..."

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Damm dude, I was expecting a nice little romance moment where two folk confessed to each other. Instead I got hit in the heart with a goddam .45 of emotion. Good job. :)

...Holy crap. Thing is, I can totally see this as something Sunset could be capable of. The thoughts and memories of those she came into physical contact with... even if they're a spirit...

8769261 Glad to see I wasn't the only one.

Great story. It kinda hit close to home with how I feel from time to time. Liked and Favorited.

What the...

Was not expecting this AT ALL...

I don't regret reading this.

Good job!

Jesus. I wanted my feels intact. Now II can't pick them up, since you shattered them into smaller than dust.


Well, I can safely say I wasn't expecting something like this when I tuned in, whew. That chilled me a little, Priest, truth be told. Nicely done, nicely done.

Not sure what else to say but... damn good job, dude.


My heart seems to be in pieces on the floor.

Good job.

...*blinks once, checks it’s eye with a mirror*

oww. well done.

This is how you do bait-and-switch.

Shiiiiit. Didn't see that coming.

..huh. Wow, well done.

Goddamn, I wasn't expecting that. Now I'm sad.

I gotta be honest. I always expect a certain level of silliness from your writing, things like FWIYP. So when I see a deviation from stuff like that there's always an adjustment period.

This was handled well. Just the right amount of buildup to keep you wondering until the reveal. Nice job.

So Sunset's a Medium now.

Could I possibly get the link for the cover image, please?

love the story' picture.

Nicely done. As others have said, this is a very effective bait and switch. It also leaves itself open to more like these, if you so choose.

Nice twist, if a little predictable. I enjoyed this story very much.

Huh......that was really good. Nothing over the top. Nothing weird. No stalkershy. Would be interesting to see more like this. Very well done.

.... Huh. First I was like "Oh, rooftop confession. I always liked that trope." Then I was like, "Oh shit! Priest wrote it. Dis gonna be some School Days lulz for sure." Then I was like... "Wait, no comedy tag? WTF EVEN IS HAPPENING?!"
Also, ghosts!!!!

Even I surprise myself sometimes. :twilightsmile: Gotta keep readers on their toes.

Good twist! I really enjoyed this story

Clever and impactful

8769934 Thank you so much.

Excellent writing and a good plot twist. :pinkiegasp:

Absolutely stunned by that ending. I honest to god love stories like this. I was captivated by the cover art, and from that cover art I looked at this story and today, finally read it. I think it's a beautiful little story, the revelation was surprising and finding out that Sunset could do something like that with her powers is awesome and I would love to see another story of the like. Bravo :heart:

So let me get this straight. Sunset found out about this spirit after touching the teacher? Nono she went to this place and because of her ability to sense emotions she was able to sense this spirit that was unable to move on and was repeating the last moments of her life? Like a ghost of some sort?

I think it was interesting how you wrote this but some details like the letter, the locker if it still exists, and how Sunset managed to meet this ghost are not exactly clear to me.

In any case cool concept. Liked this.

Two more things. I don't exactly understand what the romance tag is for. It also sounds like the start of a great story where Sunset lays spirits to rest.

I did not expect to be amazed and surprised like this holy shit!

Captivated by a lovely image of Sunset on the rooftop of CHS at sundown, I clicked. A sweet story of high school romance, I expected. A twist like that, I was completely caught off guard.

I don't really know how someone could say this was predictable. What you wrote is a plot used so little in media that the only example I can think of that only somewhat comes close is from Life is Strange.

Have a follow.

Okay, not to be rude or trolling to the author of this fanfic or anything, but I just saw this story in the Featured section, and I just had to come here and say that of all the featured stories on the main page as of this moment, I think you've got the best cover art, sir or madam. That is a nice cover art you'v got there.

Now that I'm here though, I guess I should probably take a look at the story anyway, just because it would be polite to do so.

Well That was interesting and beautifully well written. As for the music video is also good.:twilightsmile:

This was amazing. I look forward to your next story.

I'd love to see more of these.

I see the story art and title on the front page.

"Alright! Another fluffy Sunset romance fic! Time to dig i-"

The 'Dark' tag catches my eye.

"...Aw shit. Welp, I already committed let's see how this plays out."

Well done, you sneaky bastard.

I.... I got halfway through this before i began to get a headache. I write alternate universe and time travel fics. and you managed to give me a headache. Congratulations.

I..... I mean what? I feel like I just read a book where half of the pages had been glued together.
He wrote the note? Wrote it to who.
Also why the romance tag when there isnt any.

Whoahhhh that was a twist

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