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After a buried Sumerian city is uncovered, three ponies, Daring Do, Lyra, and Diamond Tiara, find themselves in the land of ancient Greece. Getting back home is not an easy task, as the locals, these humans, have never even seen Equestrians, let alone real magic. With no way to return to Equestria, these three will spend their time along the Mediterranean, attempting to find a way.

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Really like the concept! Guess I'll join the ride. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and you've got that song running through my head now.

Ooooo Got me in on this ride..

Hello, nice to meet A Random Guy.
I'll be your reader for this story, please tell me if you want drinks or food during our journey.
So open your eyes, listen closely and be amazed!

I'm loving it do far, I hope you update regularly! :D

Keep up the awesome writing.

5569834 It will be there shortly, just wait a decade or 4.

How much of the Mediterranean coast might be covered? Anything beyond Asia Minor?

I'm kind of scratching my head to figure out the link between these characters outside of just being the ones you might like. I guess both Daring and Diamond have that superfluous 'Dazzle' awkwardly smashed into the middle of their names for toys but Lyra has me at a loss.

Oh well, a damn good start regardless.

Certainly an interesting idea. Unsure of the specifics of why they were chosen, so that'll be fun to see.

Just curious, when is this taking place? Diamond's bits means it's before the Crusaders formed, but is this before or after Luna's return?

Was the lack of pun in Sumerian intentional?

Anyway, can't favorite it with just one chapter, but upvoted and tracked!

5574774 Greece, mostly. I have to consider travel between areas in this era will take a long time, so I don't know if I'll do anything beyond that.
5574811 I chose these characters as an experiment. Can I build on the personalities of a group of ponies that would never meet in the show? The plot blew up in my mind when I chose these guys.
5575172 1: See above.
2: It's taking place in the little sweet spot in season one between Luna's return and Diamond Tiara's cute-ceañera. She'll get her cutie mark in this story, but that won't be for a while. Though, I have a really fun way for her to get it. I can't wait to write it!
3: Yes
4: Understandable. In fact, I haven't favorited an incomplete story since 2013. Too much disappointment when the author cancels. But I will strive to finish this story, for the betterment of myself and the benefit of anyone who reads this.

5575276 Thank you for answering. I didn't mean I couldn't favorite an uncomplete story; I meant I can't favorite a story with a single chapter.

5575289 Either way, I understand. Ever heard of End of Ponies? It's that shortskirtsandexplosions story that fans beg him to update, for a few years at this point, but he never does. How about Antipodes? It's this great story that has a strong beginning an middle, but the author took so long to update towards the end. That you felt distant from the characters if you picked it up again.

At any level, I understand not wanting to favorite a story for having x amount of chapters before completion. In fact I support that. Saves on disappointment. But I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT, want to disappoint with an incomplete story that will never get finished.

What time period is this? Minoan, Roman, Byzantine, or Ottoman?

5576806 Oh, sometime between the tenth and fifth centuries, BC. There's a nice big pinpoint coming up in the story at some point that will date this better.

Now they are in Greece, lets hope they didnt land near Sparta.

5583879 Because I'm not a well known author and this is the first story that's actually giving me some standing. It's all about publicity. In any case, I'm glad you think it's good. I try to strive to make every work my best work yet.

5583847 We might see Sparta, we might not.

5584085 Question. What time is this set into? Also why doesn't Tiara have her cutie mark? I think you said something about that.

5584163 This is the post.
5575276 The time period is only important in regards that she doesn't have a cutie mark yet. She'll get it in the story.

5584311 Alright btw I am Greek. *JUDGES YOU* LEL!

5584344 Welp, I knew the judging would come someday.

5584366 XD I am probably the only greek guy you will meet.

5584371 I met some Greek people running a Greek restaurant.

5584377 I meant in here. As bronies :D

5583847 No worries, they would treated 3 talking horses like Zeus' offsprings. The worst they would do is building a temple for them. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that was interesting. I like the prophetic old lady. And it appears we have our plot. I was not expecting it, but it seems interesting. And it also appears our first bit of friction has come to the fore. Here's hoping our heroines three can get it together.

Moving from Tracking to Favorites. Keep up the good work!

5584085 I guess they would mistake the sea for Ocean. I find it Tad surprising that Daring do told her secret to them. I don't think Gyros existed that time... I think. XD

Whee, I'd guess that's the Oracle who should probably be in Delphi. Do we get to see any Hellenic schools of philosophy, or do we just get Classical Mythology? You said this is set sometime between 1000 BC and 500 BC, but any further back than Classical Antiquity my knowledge of history basically drops down to a vague impression of what the Hebrews were up to at the time.

5590789 What we'll see? Depends what I find in my college library. When this is set? Definitely before Alexander took over.

5591037 So at the latest we have the Platonic school, while it was run by Plato.

5591049 If I decide to throw in philosophy. We shall see!

5591155 I'm partial to the Stoics, myself.

Giants and battles and Daring Do got to be awesome!

Aw Yeah!

Blasted pagan fatalism. The "You Can't Fight Fate" trope? Not even the gods can fight fate. They're not so much "Gods" as "Really powerful (And rather Jerkass) mortals." I suppose the giant's seal was there to allow him to walk the earth, instead of being stuck in the Abyss.

5674266 That's correct, from a Greek perspective.

However, the giant isn't Greek. Different ideologies may apply.

5674514 I somehow doubt the giant is a Hebrew, though. So they're both wrong :trollestia:

I like to think that Rainbow would have spent a week or so constantly trying to get details out of Diamond if she actually was in one of the books.

Actually, that would have led to a really funny conversation after Rainbow (probably) showed off when she got to be in one.

5674890 I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really need to remember this once I'm done writing this. That would make a pretty darn good side story. Maybe I can get Scootaloo involved in it as well.
5674651 Well, it's not like another ancient civilization was mentioned in the story that the giant could be associated with.

5674928 Especially since his name is the same as the first half of the last Antediluvian king of Sumer!

“It’s the city of Vathy, on the island of Ithaca, off the coast of mainland Greece,” Homer happily replied. “Seems a bit odd that you don’t know where you are.”

So they're in the home of Tale Spinner and Silver Tongue(though I doubt the last is born yet)? Interesting. Sorry about your mom, and can't wait for more!

5674928 Sumeria, of course. Silly me. Still not a Hebrew :trollestia:

5674976 Sounds like he could be a Nephil...

Are these Historical Domain Characters, or did you invent them solely for the story?

Eh, I'm tired of sun gods and moon gods and what-have-you. I'll stick with the God of Existing. I wonder if Phoebe is a member of a Platonism precursor...

And of course, I wonder if we'll hear anything about the Philistines. Because I want to know what the Hebrews are up to.

5701883 Homer appears to be THE Homer, and I think the king is mentioned in a poem somewhere.

Well, we have a... Colorful cast, now don't we!

First off, grammar issues:

You have play the lyre!

'have' is superfluous.

Secondly, I'm puzzled about some elements. With Diamond Tiara behaving like this, how would you account for her becoming the Alpha Bitch once she gets her cutie mark? In Lyra and Bon Bon's situation wouldn't Celestia have instigated an anti-homelessness program?

Okay, so an old lady barely reacts to the presence of sapient equines and then delivers a series of statements that leads to a piece reminiscent of Jason and the Argonauts. Is this supposed to be about the Hellenic peoples responding to their presence or are you aiming to give them a Harryhausen-esque adventure?

Okay, this is a bit too heavy on the classical mythology front for my liking, and that's saying something. Hereward's out. Peace!

Okay, so, guesstimating, I'd put this at around the time of King David. Imagined reactions of the cast are as follows.

Daring Do: "What's this about an Ark of the Covenant?"
Lyra Heartstrings: "He banished an evil spirit, just by playing his lyre?"
Diamond Tiara: "You're telling me that a shepherd boy, the youngest of seven sons, was just up and crowned king?"
Homer the Poet: "This boy killed a giant champion with a rock? And he wrote all of this poetry?"

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