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When Principal Celestia suggests to Princess Twilight that she assign a representative in the inevitable event that the government takes an interest in a portal to another world on her school's campus, Twilight sends a mare with lots of experience traveling and dealing with beings of all stripes, plus the ego to keep from being cowed by agents of a foreign government. Besides, Trixie could use a...third chance, after all.
Meanwhile, the student Trixie is being disciplined. Her punishment? Escorting a new student around the school for at least 30 days. That student? Twilight Sparkle, new transfer from Crystal Prep.

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Double the Trixie . . . But both appear as humans. That's kind of a disappointment. I wonder how prepared dignitary Trixie is for her role, or if she is winging everything.

Two Trixies in the same side of the portal ?! Did Celestia troll herself ? :trollestia:

On a side note , pony Trixie seems too comfortable in human form considering this is her first "trip ".

Oh dear, this has the potential to be hilarious. Do go on...

I'll chalk up Equestrian Trixie's aptitude with her new form as her being used to thinking quickly and handling situations as they come, as a stage performer would be.


TWO Trixies?! How has the world not exploded?!

Okay you sparked my interest. Lets see what two Trixies can accomplish. Do keep in mind though that equestrian Trixie is a redeemed character and a bit humbled thanks to past experience while Equestria girl Trixie is not. :raritywink:

Are the Trixies wearing different outfits? It would help distinguish one from the other. :derpytongue2: This is pure gold! :rainbowlaugh:

Pony Trixie: "In order to distinguish ourselves, you shall keep your clothes as they are, and Trixie shall discard hers."
Celestia: "Trixie, no!"
Twilight: "Maybe yes?"

"Oh no the government's on our case! How can we scare away the humans so that they never want to invade us or come anywhere near us ever again?"


"I just got a brilliant idea!!"


...now I wonder how long it is before one of the Trixies pretends to be the other.

Suits dealing with Trixie. She gon get shot if this is merica.

Who want's to bet Trixie end's up president of the U.S.A. by the end of her diplomatic mission? :trixieshiftright:
Good work.

Nice start; made me laugh. Can't wait to see where you're going with this. I presume that the Equestrian Trixie will be (slightly) more humble due to the Alicorn Amulet scenario?:derpyderp2:

Twilight are you crazy!? I know I'm a huge Trixie fan and she's my number one waifu, but really? She has too much faith in ponies. One of these days Twilight will bring upon the need of days after trusting someone so easily, and for such an important job. Never the less I'm looking forward to some Trixie X Trixie shenanigans. I actually spelt that right on the first try....


Ah nuts, you've actually pointed out a major weakness in the FlashLight ship. Ah well, there's still the pony version.

Suggestion: Add blank lines between your paragraphs for increased readability.

Edit: Also an editor might not be a bad idea, I see quite a few plurals with apostrophes, which is only correct in rare situations, and a few misspellings.


Spacing: I did. I spent 20 minutes on it. The site kept stripping out the extra spacing no matter what I did.

Pinkie and Sonata's party rant was awesome:rainbowlaugh:
(I hope nothing bad happens to Sonata...)

And Detective Muncher makes me think of Inspector Zenigata:)

I'm surprised Principal Celestia's not unhinged after finding out Sunset and Twilight are older than they look. Heck, I like this theory!

That's odd. Are you writing directly on the site or in something else? I've never heard of that happening before.

Heh. Pony Twilight could actually theoretically be of legal age to be one of the principals then...

This is turning out to be pretty interesting, and I want to see where it's going. Admittedly the last two chapters were rather short and a bit too disjointed to get very far, but we're all slaves to unforgiving inspiration. With some hope, later chapters will be a bit longer and have more Trixie goodness.

Personally I've never concerned myself much with how old the characters are (unless they're relevant to the plot); they're as old as they need to be. (Take Pinkie Pie, for instance. Old enough to hold down a job, young enough to enjoy trick-or-treating.) Pony maturity is just a little different, I guess. That said, having Twilight and Celestia discuss their misconceptions was fun.

Hope to see more soon, and particularly some "ponies walk among us" shenanigans as Trixie is unleashed on the unsuspecting populace.

What is this?? Every chapter is a oneshot? If so change the story discription.

Love that last bit with Twilight and the Trixies!

“Maybe she just moved the library into the castle…?” Trixie muttered to herself.

More like is trying to turn the castle into a library. :twilightsmile:

As nonplussed as she had been before, The Befuddled and Confused Trixie realized her map and compass for this conversation were not only not with her, they were likely on opposite sides of the world and would require Daring Do herself to find, “…what?!”

That explains a lot... can definitely see Twi doing that, :pinkiecrazy:

Adagio was showing signs of a mental break as she looked from the pink girl, wrists still bound and in her own hands, to Sonata and back.

Yeah she seems really stressed... :applejackconfused:

The Trixie in the lead spoke for both of them, “Don’t worry,” she exclaimed, “The Great and Powerful Trixie’s have got this!” so saying, they in unison flicked their wrists, causing a pair of sunglasses, of all things, to appear in each of their hands with a puff of smoke. The swung their arms dramatically to put the ostentatious and unnecessary eyewear on and strode toward the Sirens.

...and now things will get even better for her! :rainbowlaugh:

It was Twilight’s turn to have a heart attack, “Oh-NO!” she groaned, “I have a crush on a teenage boy! I’m a dirty old nag!” she grasped her head, fingers twining and tangling in her multi-hued strands.

Hehe and with that sentence that particular ship is thoroughly sunk... :derpytongue2:


The Friendship Castle won't, however. Twilight Sparkle's planning will undoubtedly result in fire and brimstone before the end of the week if she's just going to send Trixie like that :trixieshiftleft:

Something must have happened to set this chapter up.

:derpyderp2:I just don't know what went wrong.

I've always just assumed the portal magically ages ponies down to something relevant for Equestria Girls. Certainly no deus ex machina to make it a high school flick instead of a college flick, no sirree.

Of course, if Princess Celestia came through the portal, then she really might be an old nag as a human.

6547540 I'm going off the theory that the mirror matches the body of the pony going through with the equivalent human on the other side, then locks their aging there. How else would you explain the sirens being banished to human-world over 1,000 years ago and still look like high-schoolers today?

Huh... now I really want to see a side story about EG Cadence taking down Sombra Criminal Minds style.

Agents Bon-Stoppable and Muffins-Possible

Just my opinion, but I think that line might be pushing it just a bit much. The reference was clear enough from the dialogue (especially "What’s the sitch?"). Although this idea is now securely part of my head-canon. Though I'm wondering what Discord's analogue here is. The "don't say his name" makes him sound like Beetlejuice, but then again BJ didn't have a partner/minion. Maybe he's like the Joker and Screwball is his Harley (but without the sexual undertones).

Tell the higher-ups that Agents Bon-Stoppable and Muffins-Possible are on the job.



You'd be shocked how much of a bludgeon you have to write with sometimes to make sure a point is made. :trollestia: 'sides, it drives me crazy when I'm reading a story with obvious references in it but I'm unfamiliar with the source material and they never say what the source is in any way, leaving me with no way to track down what the author has made sound so interesting. I thought I'd make it easier on my readers. :raritywink:

Surprisingly, I've never read anyone go this route with the Siren's backstory. Usually it's just "with time differences between the worlds it's only been a few years for them" or "they got sent to the human world and the future". I like this idea that they've been hiding and blending in for hundreds of years, changing along with the times. Headcanon accepted!

Alright, I'll agree with that. I've been on the ignorant side of that situation before. There's this one author I read who loves to put tons of minor references in each chapter, then lists them out in authors notes with spoilers tags, so people can guess how many they spotted.


Thank you! I hope I can keep the happy surprises coming for you.

A nice little expansion that fits well with and doesn't contradict canon events. Very well done.

It annoyed me somewhat in the movie that Cadence and Shining didn't get at least a bit more interaction with Twilight. One scene and that's that? Waste of characters, honestly.

I'll admit I favorited the story before I read it, so I'm just doing a comment for all the chapters. This story has turned out completely different from what I imagined, but in a good way. The jumping around isn't too hard to keep track of, so that's good. I still hope to see the Trixies' initial encounter some time.

Two Trixies, twice the chaos. Keep up the good work.

Wild horses can't keep Shining Armor away, but what about horse princesses? :twilightblush:

About time that somebody actually used Agent Sweetie Drops from Slice of Life with the human Bon Bon instead of just pony Bon Bon.

Well, let's hope that the artifact Sonata found actually becomes important down the line.

You do realize that "Corp." Is an abbreviation for "corporation", while "corps" (pronounced /kôr/) is a body of people engaged in a particular activity (usually military)? Unless Equestrian diplomacy is privatized, Corp. is the wrong word.

In previous chapters, you've also alternated between "principal" (correct spelling of human Celestia's job) and "principle" (a different word entirely).

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