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Why 'Inquisitor'? Because 'Forty two': the most important lesson I ever learned. Any answer is worthless until you have the right question. Author, editor, critic, but foremost, a philosopher.

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Those not so Humble people are at it again! · 8:01pm Aug 7th, 2019

Comments ( 4 )

I normally have a will of steel when it comes to spending money.

Rust set in. You evil person you. Now I'm going to be reading comics instead of writing for a few days. :)

I apologise for nothing.

Great! Something too look forward to for the upcoming Interminable Hiatus

I would, but I already own almost all of them. :\ Still, glad you're promoting it; getting these in more people's hands is only a good thing.

Actually, just realized they're electronic. I'm 100% willing to put $15 into having digital copies as well!

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