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After going on Iron Will’s Cruise of the Princesses, Star Tracker finds himself in the awkward position of being an honorary former member of the Sparkle family. Hearth’s Warming is just around the corner, and gift-giving is tough when you’re not even sure if the person you’re buying for counts as a sister or a stranger. What’s a colt to do?

Overthink it, of course.


Written for 2018's Jinglemas!, as a Secret Santa gift for ChillyKitty.

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"What are we going to do? It's almost time to close the store and we still have these hats that nopony likes."

"Relax, Loose Change. There still are a few minutes left in Hearth's Warming shopping time, and I put one of them out as bait earlier. As long as there are stallions, we have nothing--"

The door to the store slammed open and Star Tracker dashed to the counter, slamming down a huge bag of bits. "Those... hats... still... for... sale?"

Season's Greetings smiled and produced a box. "Yes. Would you like the optional wrapping for just a few bits more?"

Cute story! I have to feel for Star Tracker, but it's nice that it worked out in the end, with a little Help and Frustration from his friends.

9374235 The same is (sadly) even more true with flower shops on February 14...

As I said before - a very sweet tale, perfect for the season. Nice work. :twilightsmile:

...I'd add in my previous commentary again, but I forgot to copy it. :twilightblush:

Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart had come down from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Velvet and Night Light had come down from Canterlot, and Spike had come down from his bedroom on the second floor.

This sentence amused me greatly.

I feel like this story has a lesson that would have helped me this past December.

Well this was a cute one shot

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