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A young Sunset Shimmer, spending her first Hearth’s Warming in Canterlot as Princess Celestia’s personal student, comes to the terrible realization that there’s not going to be any snow for the holiday.

She decides to do something about it.

A Hearth's Warming gift for DrakeyC.
Cover art courtesy of the wonderfully skilled RyuRedwings, used with permission.
Editing thanks to the incomparable and brilliant Pascoite.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 17 )

This is straight up brilliant.

Villainous-but-still-good Sunset is adorable. Thanks for writing this!

As someone who hasn't seen a white Christmas in twelve years, I'm simultaneously split between absolutely sympathizing with Sunset's plight, and being a little cheesed that she's this upset over only missing it once. What about me, Sunset?

inb4 "I don't care" :moustache:

A charming bit of seasonal fluff. Good job. :twilightsmile:

Very lovely, and an interesting look at Sunset's past.

I confess I don't recall fully how the original version turned out. But this was a nice, sweet little piece in its own right.

Happy Hearth's Warming. :twilightsmile:

That's high praise indeed! Thank you.

I DON- aww, you ruined it.

On a more serious note: You're very welcome, and I hope you get some snow again someday!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it. A happy Hearth's Warming to you, as well!

Aw, that was adorable. At first I thought Sunset was going to try to summon something to bring about snow, but just trying to cause negative feelings is funnier (and feels more innocent/childish/normal, compared to those random stories where young Twilight randomly summons something). The story was both very sweet and a nice look at young Sunset- she means well, but she just doesn't understand what Celestia is trying to teach (which will lead to worse things later on). Celestia's ban on a certain phrase unfortunately is a perfect example of their relationship. She's right about Celestia though, she's always cryptic.

First Windigo: Did you feel that?
Second Windigo: Yeah, felt like it came from Canterlot, but it's gone now.
First Windigo: That's where all those ponies live, isn't it? (censored) that! Let's go dump a couple yards of snow on the Yaks.
Second Windigo: I'm game.

Very cute and sweet.

I was half-expecting Celestia's reason to be "Snow is a reminder of the time ponykind almost went extinct. Snow is awful. Don't ask for a white Hearth's Warming."

Your way made more sense.

That was excellent.

Not the solution I expected from a magical student attempting to cause a white Hearth’s Warming, but one that made sense given the theme of the holidays and Sunset's personal journey.

And hey, magically triggered Blizzards of Doom are probably more of a Twilight caused event. :twilightsheepish:

This is a great little tale of the trials of teaching a personal student. Personally, I'd love to see Celestia's other attempts a tricky lessons for her students. While I never had a huge amount of interest in the EQG 'verse, I liked the implication that Celestia has attempted to take other ponies under her wing before, and that by the time Twilight came along, she had taken some lessons of her own from her previous attempts, perhaps without quite realizing which were ultimately applicable to her latest protégé.

It's really impressive how single minded Sunset is here. It sure takes quite a leap of logic to reach cruelty = snow, and really requires one to absorb the entire tale, since it's just an inversion of its resolution.

I'm curious how much you know abput canonical Sunset, since your assertion that you haven't seen the movie is still present tense.

Merry Christmas!

You did a good job with the story, foreshadowing how Sunset will first descend to cruelty and manipulation before becoming the hero we now know.

Took me almost a year of sitting in my Read Later shelf, but I've finally read this.
Cute; and fresh to see a Sunset on the path to rebellion but not there yet.

It was months ago, but I now realise I've neglected to comment here. Sorry for that! So: full review here, but in brief: the best Sunset story I've read by someone who doesn't like Equestria Girls movies, and very good even without that qualification. Faved!

Took me long enough to get here, but I still loved it. A great blend of precocious misunderstanding and a sign of trouble down the road. Celestia's put up with a lot over the centuries...

Thank you for this.

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