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When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day. A pick-your-path-style story with 18 possible endings and hundreds of possible paths!


Originally written April/May 2011; now available for the first time ever on FiMFiction!

Now available in absolutely stunning yet surprisingly cheap dead-tree format, thanks to RBDash47!

Now available in Spanish, courtesy of SPANIARD KIWI.

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Oh, dear. I screwed this one up, didn't I.

4179054 You'll get that a lot!

Yay! This stories finally on fimfic!

kilo #4 · Apr 3rd, 2014 · · · Q&A ·

Good ending on the first try. Nailed it!

Awesome! I think I got the best ending!

Yay, I won!:twilightsmile:

This was a good one... glad to see it on Fimfiction.

I remember this story! This is excellent fun!

Whew, I thought this page was in the thirties or something. Clearly I need to play/read through this again.

Yay Brownies! :pinkiesmile:

Yay, finally on FIMFic! I re-read the whole thing to get all the chapters marked read, and it's as well-done as I remember.

Kind of a shame that FIMFic bans the CYOA format now. I guess they were getting too much crap burying the little gems like this.

EDIT: See below

Heck yah! Do'n that again!

Heck yeah on the first try.:rainbowkiss:

Aw, darn. I died of dysentery.

I remember reading this when it first came out on EQD. Good times. I fucked up so many times. But it was fun. :heart:

Yay! I remember reading this on EGD a while back, so good to see that it's here now~ :ajsmug::heart:

None. I picked some choices, didn't lie to Fluttershy's little friend, and made more logical choices.

Well done!
...I'm kind of too tired for any deeper analysis.

This is clearly the most satisfying way of dealing with the boggies.

I won...my first time through? That never happens in CYOAs, ever.

There's at least two victory endings. And it seems you have to try to get a bad ending.

A couple missteps, but I'm glad I got this ending.

Overall, good story! :moustache:

Twilight gets caught in a net, and doesn't teleport out of it, hmmm. There's something wrong with this picture.

I actually won. This is so awesome, I love this story. :pinkiehappy:

A good ending? Honestly, I half expected a bad ending... I'm horrible at these sort of books.

I sell carrots and carrot accessories.

This was a great story. I'd like to see more adventure stories like this on fimfiction. With the choices and dialogue options, it felt kind of like fallout. I got the good ending on the first time too.

Those totally weren't the brownies I thought Twilight was talking about..

~Dash The Stampede

Trix #32 · Apr 4th, 2014 · · · Q&A ·


All hail my glorious carrots!:rainbowwild:

I've traveled many a path through this awesome adventure story, but none of them were as satisfactory as this one.

4180395 There probably is twenty fails... It's kinda easy to fail if you ignore common sense.

4180926 The entire time I kept hitting the fight options, because I wanted to see something like this. It's fun to see violence prevail at times, am I right?

Haha! Was just going through the chapters to make sure there was multiple endings. It looks like I did get best ending first time round. :pinkiehappy:

Chris #37 · Apr 4th, 2014 · · · Q&A ·

Thank you, all of you, for the wonderful reaction! It's nice to see that people are still enjoying this story after so long.


Do they really? I looked through the submission guidelines before I started importing this, and didn't see anything about CYOAs.

That's a shame, but at the same time... I can see the mods getting buried under a wave of "here's chapter one of my second-person story, tell me what I should write next!"-type things, and not wanting any more to do with them.


It always bugged me in the CYOA books that picking a fight had basically a 0% success rate--if you saw an option like "attack the guards," "free the prisoner by force," or "fight the robot," it was just about guaranteed that it would lead you straight to a bad end.

So, when I put this sucker together, I made sure to include at least one ending where (show-tone) violence is the answer. Granted, you have to earn those hoofticuffs, but it wouldn't be satisfying otherwise, would it?

Site Blogger

I'm going to laugh really hard if this gets removed for some kind of rule violation, after all the effort it took to bring it here.

I'll definitely feel bad about laughing though

Yes, I got the lazy ending!

...Wait, what?

4182676 4182720
:twilightoops: … I stand corrected. I could have sworn that was in the story submission guidelines, but I just checked not only the FAQ page, but also archive.org's copy of the FAQ page as far back as 2012, and also Equestria Daily's story submission guidelines (current and past). There's no mention of CYOAs absolutely anywhere. (Which is good!)

I have no idea whatsoever where I got that notion from. I think I jumped timelines again.

This story is awesome. One thing I´m wondering: Are CYOA-Stories really forbidden here? I hope not. One: I like this story and I enjoy stories like this anyway. Two: I´m also searching for some CYOA-Stories here and hardly find one. Three: I don´t really see a reason why something like this should be forbidden. But I don´t want to spam this comment-box with something like that.

Just want to make sure you know that I enjoyed your story very much (and it felt satisfying when I selected the second-in-command to the new king. Agressive negotiations I would say. :ajsmug:)

One of my old favourites. Good to see that this finally made it here.


No, you couldn't have. I remember that rule too.

They must have just removed it.

Yeah!:yay: First try! I never win these things!:pinkiehappy:

This took me back--I remember going thru all the CYOA books my local (and school) libraries had. I was a fun trip down memory lane...:twilightsmile:

I think it was mentioned in a site blog post once, but apparently not made official. I also thought they were banned.

It might have been only the comment-driven stories which were banned/frowned upon.

Wait, wat?

That was all?

That was short. Interesting, though.

Best pic of Carrottop in the story.

Incredibly well put-together. I'm seriously bowled over.

Also, this has to be the oldest story on fimfic now. April/May 2011?! Wow.

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