• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Purloined Pony - Chris

When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day.

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Page 49

For an instant, you freeze with nervousness. All of the brownies are staring intently at you, no doubt prepared to hang on your every word. What on earth can you say?

Then you feel something tap your flank. Looking to your side, you see Glomgrime smiling and motioning you toward him. You lean your head near the podium, and he whispers, “Don’t worry about the formalities so much; it’s all for show, really. Just tell those here assembled what’s happening, and why you need our help.”

Hesitantly at first, but with greater and greater speed and clarity as you go on, you tell the convocation what you know about the goings-on at Applejack’s farm, Applebloom’s disappearance, and Twilight’s conjecture that a group of boggies must be responsible. You tell them how Danneltuft offered to call a Brawnaid-mud (you hear some snickering in the crowd when you say that, but it’s quickly shushed) so that you could make your case to the brownies. “Before he offered his help, Danneltuft asked me what I was willing to do to help Applebloom. Well, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I don’t know what kind of price you brownies charge for your help, but I’m willing to pay it if you can make sure that Applebloom gets back to her family safe and sound.” You hold your breath in anticipation, waiting for whatever comes next.

Glomgrime clears his throat. “So… aye?”

With a single voice, every brownie assembled around you cries, “AYE!”

“Good! Then it’s settled.” Glomgrime grins at you, seeing your confusion. “Don’t worry, your Applebloom will be safe in her bed before morning, and the boggies will trouble you no more.”

“You mean… that’s it?”

“Of course! And on behalf of our kin, I apologize for their outrageous behaviour. We’ll deliver the foal safe and sound, and make sure that the details of her encounter are nothing but a hazy memory. Now, there’s just one more matter: you.”

You cringe when Glomgrime says that, although his voice lacks any malice or threat. He continues, “We must ascertain if you can keep secret that which you’ve heard here. Tell me, can you solemnly swear that you will speak no word of the brownies or their kin upon leaving the Bhrùnaidh-mòd? Can you truthfully vow that you shall never give hint to any you meet of the brownies and their convocation?


1. If you tell the brownies that you can keep their secret, go to page 70

2. If you tell them you can’t keep their secret, go to page 56

3. If you admit that you already told Twilight about the Bhrùnaidh-mòd, go to page 65

4. If you told Twilight but don’t admit it, go to page 62

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