• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Purloined Pony - Chris

When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day.

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Page 65

You shake your head sadly. “I didn’t... I mean...” you take a deep breath. “What I’m trying to say is... I kind of already told someone.”

Immediately, all the brownies begin talking in their native tongue. Glomgrime loudly bangs a gavel and eventually succeeds in calling them to order. “Now then, my lady, you had best explain what you‘ve done.”

Feeling an acute sense of shame, you tell the convocation about your conversation with Twilight during lunch. “I guess I’m just no good at keeping my mouth shut,” you conclude miserably. Looking up at where Danneltuft is standing, you tell him, “I’m sorry I didn’t keep my promise.”

Danneltuft smiles and says, “Here now, my lady. What’s done is done, and no sense losing sleep over it.”

Glomgrime nods, then asks Danneltuft, “But what are we to do now? This ‘Twilight’ has heard tell of you and of our convocation. What will we do with her?”

Danneltuft laughs. “I’ve heard a bit about that one during my time in Ponyville. She’s as smart as they come, but she’s none too keen to believe aught save what her eyes and ears tell her. She’ll give up this crazy idea of brownies quickly enough, with no evidence nor witnesses to support her.”

Glomgrime nods. “Good enough, then. That just leaves the matter of dealing with this one...”

You flinch at that. Steeling yourself, you say, “If you have to lock me up forever, I... I guess I’m ready.”

There is silence. Then as one, all the brownies at the convocation burst out laughing. Wiping away a mirthful tear, Glomgrime exclaims, “Lock you up? Oh, that’s rich! What sort of tales has Danneltuft been telling you?”

Calming down a bit, he continues, “No, no. We appreciate your honesty, it is a rare quality among your kind these days. With your consent, we will work a bit of magic, then. It will wipe from your mind the memory of this night. It is not a magic we use lightly, and we will do nothing without your agreement. Now tell me, will you consent to let us work this sorcery on you?”

You nod your head. “I’ll be sad not to remember any of this... but I guess if that’s the only price I have to pay for helping Applebloom, then I should count myself lucky.”

Glomgrime smiles. “You have a deep and generous heart. Although you will not remember this night, you will always have the goodwill of the brownies. Goodnight, Carrot Top.”

You feel a sudden wave of exhaustion. You slump to the soft ground, and are unconscious in moments.


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