• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Purloined Pony - Chris

When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day.

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Page 4

You gasp at this revelation. Whether the boggies are real or not, this is terrible news indeed. “Do you know if she’s alright?” you ask, afraid to hear the answer.

“We don’t know. She just vanished without a trace. AJ already got Dash and Big Mac together to help her sweep the forest, but I don’t know if they’ll have much luck.” Twilight looks at you hopefully. “If you’re willing, we could really use some help finding her.”

You nod. Of course you’ll do anything you can to get Applebloom back safe and sound!

“Oh, I’m glad to hear that! Spike’s in Canterlot on royal business, so I need all the assistance I can get! Help me read through these books, there’s got to be something useful in here!”

You look around the library at the disorganized piles of books. There has got to be a better way to help Applebloom, you think to yourself.

Seeing the look on your face, Twilight blushes slightly. “Oh, er... well, I’m sure there’s plenty of useful things you can do other than aid in my research.” She thinks hard, then claps her hooves together. “I know! You could go round up some of my friends! Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie would all be willing to help, if they knew Applebloom was missing! You could get their help to expand the search. Oh, and you could go and talk to Zecora! She probably knows all sorts of things about boggies!” Twilight looks at you excitedly. “There’s a lot of work to be done; what should we do to start?”


1. If you go to Sugarcube Corner to fetch Pinkie Pie, go to page 89

2. If you go to Fluttershy’s cottage, go to page 90

3. If you go to Carousel Boutique to fetch Rarity, go to page 91

4. If you go to Zecora’s hut to see what she might know, go to page 21

5. If you decide to stay and help Twilight with her research, go to page 17

6. If you decide to leave Twilight on her own and go home, go to page 6

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