• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Purloined Pony - Chris

When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day.

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Page 63

You awake to find yourself resting on a soft down pillow in an opulent room. A bit groggy but otherwise alright, you rise to your hooves, wondering what happened.

“Well, it seems you’re finally awake!”

You turn to face the voice, then widen your eyes in shock and quickly bow. “PRINCESS CELESTIA! What are you... what am I doing—”

“Please, it’s quite alright. It seems you had a little run-in with the brownies, didn’t you?”

Danneltuft steps out from behind the princess and smiles ruefully. “Yes, you could say she did.” Turning to you, he says, “Please, we’re all very sorry that things have come to this. I hope you can still find happiness. If I can, I will try to visit and see to your comfort.” Then turning back to the Princess, he tells her, “I must be off, your Majesty. You have our gratitude.” She smiles and waves him away, and he leaves the room.

“Please, sit.” The Princess motions you to a soft cushion. “I imagine you’ll want an explanation, won’t you?” Not waiting for you to reply, Celestia begins, “The brownies have asked a favor of me, and after some consideration I’ve consented. They asked me to take you in.”

You blanch. “Take me in? You mean, youre going to throw me in the dungeon?”

Celestia laughs at that. “Oh, where do you Ponyvillians get these crazy ideas? No, I mean that you’re going to become one of my courtiers. The brownies knew that their secret wasn’t safe with you, and I’ve agreed to put you in a position where I can personally keep an eye on you.”

You boggle at this news. Courtier to the Princess? You have so many questions! “What about my farm? What about the other ponies? When can I see my friends again?”

Celestia is quick to reassure you that the other ponies have been told that you’ve been specially selected to serve in Canterlot, though of course they don’t know the real reason. Your farm will be taken care of, as well. “As for seeing your friends...” she smiles sadly. “I’m sure we can arrange some short visits, but the reason you’re here is so that I can make sure you don’t tell anypony anything you shouldn’t. You won’t really be able to have time alone with any of them anymore.”

You nod slowly. “I must return to my duties now,” the Princess says. “I’ll send in my chamberlain, he’s been apprised of the situation and will assist you in learning your new duties. Is there anything else I can do before I go?”

You still have many questions, but one is paramount in your mind. “Is Applebloom alright?”

Celestia seems gladdened by the question. “Yes, the brownies brought her home last night. The poor dear doesn’t remember a thing, but she’s safe and sound. Don’t worry for her sake, Carrot Top.” Then Celestia leaves, and you are alone.

You trot over to the window. In the distance, you can see Ponyville. Will you ever be able to return there? You hope so, but you know it doesn’t really matter. Thanks to you, Applebloom is safe. And even if you won’t be able to see your old friends much, life as one of Celestia’s courtiers should be pleasant enough.

You get down from the window and make your way to a mirror. You start to straighten out your mane as best you can; you want to look presentable when the chamberlain arrives.

The End

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