• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Purloined Pony - Chris

When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day.

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Page 32

Several hours later, all the novelty has gone out of poking the (thoroughly annoyed) boggie with various objects. You doze in a corner as Twilight crosses yet another material off her checklist.

“So, sodium nitrate is out. Next we’ll test the subject’s reaction to... um... oh dear.”

You stand up. “What’s wrong, Twilight?

“We’re out of stable, non-toxic elements and compounds to test on him. Or rather, I’ve used all the pure samples that I have available in my lab. I don’t know what else to do!”

“What can we still try?”

“Nothing... unless you want to start testing composite structures on him.” Twilight rolls her eyes and levitates up a two-by-four. “Think maybe their weakness is pine wood?” She presses the board lightly against the back of the boggie’s hand, as she has done with so many other objects already. Nothing happens. “No? Oh, there’s a shock. What about wool?” she asks as she levitates a red sweater over to the boggie, to similarly nonexistent effect. “Oh, that’s not it either? Who would have thought? How about glass?” She picks up a clear drinking cup, and brings it into contact with the boggie’s hand.

Immediately, the boggie contorts his face in a scream which the gag in his mouth only partially muffles. There is a loud hissing sound, and steam rises from the creature’s hand. Startled, Twilight jerks the cup away, revealing a large red welt where the glass came in contact with him.

As the boggie pants and groans, you and Twilight look at each other in amazement. You speak first.

“So, all this time, the one weakness of the boggies was... glass?”

Twilight is silent a moment longer, the gears in her head clearly spinning. “I don’t understand... glass is just sand! Shaped and heated sand, but sand nevertheless. Boggies can’t be vulnerable to sand, can they?” You notice the boggie thrashing and trying to spit out his gag. Feeling a bit guilty over the pain your latest test has obviously caused him, you remove his gag for him.

The boggie spits on the floor as soon as his mouth is free. “Pah! Of course we aren’t vulnerable to sand, you stupid mule! Look what you did to my hand! Oh, it hurts!”

Twilight produces some aloe from a nearby first-aid kit and applies it to the back of his hand. “So, your weakness really is glass?”

The boggie sighs. “Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. Too bad; I hate cats.”

You jump with excitement. “Alright! Now that we know their weakness, we can go rescue Applebloom!”

The boggie leers at you. “Not so fast, pony. You still don’t know where my kin are hiding your precious foal. Lucky for you, I’ve been thinking. And I’m not satisfied being just another scrub for the clan. I want to be Ceanntighern.”

Seeing your confusion, Twilight whispers, “That’s what they call their king. Whoever’s the smartest, craftiest boggie gets to lead the clan.”

The boggie continues, “If I can trap the Ceanntighern in our lair, I’ll have proven my wit and resourcefulness. Then I can take the mantle of Ceanntighern for myself! Of course, in deference to your assistance, I could probably be persuaded to release the foal—after suitable begging and groveling, of course. I’d have an appearance to maintain, after all.”

You snort. “So let me get this straight: now that we’ve discovered your greatest weakness, you want us to help make you king, and then beg you to free Applebloom as a favor to us?”

“It’s that or try to rescue her on your own. My way, you’re practically guaranteed to succeed, and I get power! It’s a win-win!” He looks at you hopefully, as you consider your options.


1. If you agree to help the boggie become Ceanntighern, go to page 58

2. If you decide to try and find the boggie camp on your own, go to page 37

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