• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Purloined Pony - Chris

When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day.

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As your back hooves begin to slide, you take a quick step forward, fearful that you’ll fall down into the chasm below. While you’re distracted, the boggies quickly rush in, wrapping their ropes around your legs. You try to fight back, but they are too many; you find yourself securely bound.

The boggies then all grab the ropes binding you, and together they begin hauling you off into the woods. Being dragged along the forest floor is a painful, unpleasant experience, but you suspect things will only get worse from here. You are now a prisoner of the boggies, and they plan to take you and Applebloom both back to their far-off home tonight. As you are hauled off, pray to Celestia for a miracle. If you don’t get help fast, this is...

The End

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