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Ye Olde Cutie Marks Continued! · 12:55am Jul 8th, 2018

Why do I keep making talents with no clear idea of what the Ye Olde mark would look like? Why do I keep doing this to myself?

You might have noticed that I've marked Helping Ponies as Complete. It is. And I'm pretty happy about it. But the story isn't over just yet. I'm working on a sequel. When I've got a decent store of chapters finished I'll start posting them. But for now? For now...

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hey, you still alive?

well, you are online from time to time. Still hibernating or dont you write at all anymore?


No, you probably don't know me. The name isn't a song lyric, it's a relic of my thirteen year old self who thought it sounded...ironic? Snappy? Sassy? I'm not really sure what thirteen year old me was thinking at the time. I made an account under that name on fanfiction . net and have since embraced my embarrassing past by using it for all my fanfic related websites. With some minor variation, of course. I really don't remember why thirteen year old me thought it was a good name, but we all do cringey stuff when we're wrestling with puberty and on a losing streak.

Do I really know you, do I really? sorry tired, interesting user name. Song lyrics?

Thank you for adding Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

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