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In the land of Equestria, it seemed like a typical day in the town of Ponyville. Three months have passed since the defeat of Tirek, and the land is once again at peace.

However, the Elements of Harmony are soon asked by Princesses Celestia and Luna to reopen an ancient gateway to another world they once visited, now sealed away for many years.

The Elements succeed, but their arrival in the world of Terra, better known as the World of Pokemon, didn't exactly go unnoticed. Now the Elements must ally with four Pokemon Trainers in order to save two worlds, defeat the evil Team Cosmos, and discover the ancient, buried past between them.

Shouldn't be too much of a problem, right?


Pokemon series Crossover, set in a mix of the game and anime universes , currently in Generation 7. Will have profanity and some violence. Primarily focusing on OCs, but will have appearances from canon characters such as Ash and Brock.

This will also feature content from the fan-game Pokemon Sage, which can be found Here. (I do not own Pokemon Sage, and I have also received written approval from the game devs to use their content. Again, I do not own any material from Pokemon Sage. I am merely using my personal character from the game and his team. Nothing else is mine.)

Roster of OC Trainers-Here.

Chapters (1)

Nearly 1000 years ago, during the forming of Equestria as told in Hearth's Warming, the Equestrians faced threats from all sides. In their hour of need, the Cydonians of the Southern Continent came to their call. In exchange, an immortal treaty was signed between Celestia and their King, Saladin. The Cydonians would defend Equestria against all threats. In exchange, when the Fourth Alicorn to ascend became of age, they would be betrothed to their Firstborn Prince.

That treaty was signed nearly 1000 years ago, and Celestia thought none of it. Until a Cydonian Fleet appears in the waters off Canterlot, having heard of Twilight Sparkle's Acension and Coronation. They intend to have the terms of the treaty fufilled, and nothing will be the same. For Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, or the Elements of Harmony, and the Cydonians.

But all's fair in love and war, isn't it?
Will have gore, swearing, and (IMPLIED) sex. And yes, this story was published before. I am bringing it back.

Chapters (2)

It's barely been three weeks since Twilight Sparkle's coronation, and she and her friends are already running a diplomatic mission to the Marewaiian Islands. A surge of volcanic activity has disturbed the fragile island chain, and the Elements of Harmony are quick to investigate.

They discover that there's something inside the volcano, and otherworldly doesn't even begin to cover the situation they've gotten into...


Mark Sykes never asked his dad why he shouldn't open the oak chest in his closet. However, when his dad passes away and leaves the chest to Mark, he lets his curiousity the better of him. When he opens the ancient wooden chest and discovers what lies within, he is brought to a strange new world.

And apparently that comes with being transformed into Entei, the Volcano Pokemon. Also, did I mention that the locals have taken to worshipping him as "Guardian of the Flame?"

Yeah, things are about to heat up, real fast.
Pokemon crossover, will have swearing, slight gore, and violence.

Chapters (2)

When the bearers of the Elements of Harmony discover a strange machine buried beneath the Everfree Forest, they did not understand what lied in store for them. Upon activating the device, it sent a message to the stars...

...and the stars responded in kind, with a force unknown to the Equestrians, unlike anything seen before.
When the Vanguard of the Last City receive a strange message from a lost Golden Age Colony, they dispatch Guardian Fireteam Horizon to investigate the source.

Neither the Vanguard nor the Guardians could anticipate the journey that was ahead of them. As they stand against the Dark, as the new protectors of Equis, a new shadow lurks on the horizon...
Destiny and Destiny 2 crossover, set after Tirek's defeat. Will have original concepts and characters, along with features from both games. Expect swearing, gore, and violence.

Fireteam roster - Here.

Chapters (5)

When Order 66 was sent throughout the Galaxy to the Clone Troopers, one legion, the 389th Strike Battalion, did not receive it. They and their General, Jedi Kyris Marchen, abandoned their mission on the planet Razkos for their own survival. Jumping to the outer regions at the request of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, they decide to live out their lives in peace, deep in the unknown.

The Jedi and Clones land in Equestria, and they find peace isn't exactly so common on this distant world, especially when a third of the population is Force-Sensitive...

Star Wars crossover, set during Revenge of the Sith. Will have some swearing. Will feature canon characters.

Chapters (6)

The men of Task Force 141 and Team Metal are brought to Equestria by a force unknown. Their mission is to save this new world from war unlike any seen before. They have the skills, the firepower, the experience to finish this monumental task.

Their only problem is this is easier said than done, as the force that brought them to Equestria didn't tell Celestia, Luna, or anypony that they were coming. After stopping an attack on the Grand Galloping Gala, Price and his team go on the run while being chased by the Elements of Harmony.

However, this is only the beginning for the brave men of Task Force 141...

COD: MW3 crossover, set after the ending. Will have gore, swearing, gunplay, and lots of action.

Chapters (3)

Simone. The Savior of the Universe, Hero of Team Dai-Gurren.

Now a wanderer among the world. When he dies, as an unknown traveler, he reunites with Nia in the void. As they are about to move on, a being of power like no other, Faust, offers them a chance to live again, in a new world. Simone and Nia accept...

And are reborn in Equestria. The two of them will live anew, and pierce the heavens once more.

And Equestria's coming along for the ride.


Gurren-Lagann Crossover, takes place after the ending of the series.

Will feature romance, action, and MAYBE (Implied) sex between two characters.

Chapters (6)
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