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It has been four months since the defeat of Lord Tirek by Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony. With the land returned to a relative state of peace and normalcy, Princess Celestia begins secret preparations to receive an old friend of hers from another world.

His name is Ryo Hagane, the newly-appointed Director of the WBBA. He and his assistant Hikaru have come to Equestria to extend an invitation to join the Beyblade World Championships and form a Representative Team of Bladers. 

Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy are chosen to form Team New Harmony, and are given new Bey partners to aid them. They will travel alongside Team Gan-Gan Galaxy and compete in fierce Bey Battles across the world of Earth, meeting both friend and foe along the way.

However, the world of Beyblade is not without its dangers, as the machinations of the mysterious Hades Inc threaten to shroud the world in darkness. And two Teams of Bladers, hailing from the future, have come to see events play out...or to change the course of Beyblade's history.


Beyblade: Metal Masters and Shogun Steel crossover, with references to Metal Fury, set in Season 4 of FIM with some references to Equestria Girls. Will have profanity and some violence.
Roster of Bladers/Major Characters can be found here.

I was greatly aided by Mister E-Nonymous in the detailing for this story, and his original characters for Team Iron Elements.

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Deep In the Kalos Region’s Santalune Forest, a lone figure enters a newly formed Ultra Wormhole, watched by several scientists. At the same time, the Elements of Harmony venture into the Everfree Forest in search of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

These events, and the inevitable meeting of both worlds…happened six months ago. Now, after meticulous and careful planning, Princess Twilight Sparkle is allowed to travel to Kalos and begin a Pokemon Journey of her own. She is soon joined by Noah, a veteran trainer from Sinnoh with a shrouded past.

As the two of them travel together through Kalos, dark forces begin to manifest in the shadows. One seeks to conquer Equestria for their own purposes, the other strives to have the Equestrians reign over humanity.

It will take everything Twilight Sparkle has in her and more, aided by her friends in both worlds, to stop this impending conflict and restore peace to both worlds. For as far as Twilight knows in order to succeed…she must become the very best, like no one ever was.

Set in Generation 9 and in FIM's Season 4, will have content from both the Pokemon games and anime. Features content and characters from the fan games Pokemon Sage and Pokemon Xenoverse.
A roster of important characters can be found here.

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