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This group is for all of the bronies, and pegasisters that are proud to be or have been in ROTC or JROTC

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Hey all. I'm a NJROTC cadet at Ramona High School in California. I'm currently working my way to CPO (SCPO if possible), and am joining the Naval Special Warfare program after graduation, with full intent on joining the SEAL teams.


I'm in AFJROTC and I am a freshman and I love the program. I'm planning to join the Air Force when I graduate high school

Im in Army Jrotc im a let 1 rank cadet private loving the program plan on being in it till graduate highschool im a freshman right now hooah!

Hello! This is C/Sgt Maj Words reporting in! Just wanted to introduce myself. I attend Allen High School and am a part of the new Marine Corps JROTC program here. Pleased to meet all of you! :pinkiehappy:

306831 I see ok cool. Well this is Scully sating hi from the Silent Services.

306566 It was asleep, but now you woke it up.

is this group even active anymore?

Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet reporting for duty SIR!:rainbowdetermined2:

Hey guys as of now im in the Navy reserve. I become active in January.


290041 Hmm, it could. Let's change that

No bonus points for us pilots because they deal with pilots every single day on the carrier. I'm just glad I'm not a deck worker, those poor bastards got it the worst


290039 Imagine six months cramped up with them, and them getting worse and worse EVERY FUCKING DAY. Plus, no bonus for us pilots since the only reason they're aboard is for us


To bad when you're on a carrier, all the women seem to be on their periods. Holy fuck, I hate that


290035 Come on, you Army boys ain't the straightest bunch either.

Those orgies must get crazy, huh?


290032 Touching women, ha! We're all trying our best not to our limbs taken off, crushed, burned hideously, or some other manner of horrible death from accidents.

Welcome to the Navy, where you can get killed twice over on your own ship!


290013 Come on, you know you want it....

Just kidding, but carrier life is tiring but I love it


Hey guys, I fly the F-18F Superhornet with U.S. navy, VFA- 103

-Flight Lt. TAB, out

was in NJROTC for four years in high school. achieved rank of C/LCDR (Cadet/Lieutenant Commander) and was my battalion's XO my senior year. not to mention captaining our Academic Team for three years (sophomore-senior). And now I'm a brony.

Y'all mind if an Aggie Cadet joins in here?

I hope you guys don't mind a Civil Air Patrol cadet joining you. It's a lot like AFJROTC but it's not attached to any schools. I've made it to C/Captain so far, and the Air Force Academy is in my sights, so to speak. It was actually a couple other guys in my squadron that got me into MLP, and now I'm a brony for life.

I joined ROTC because I wanted to be a writer, and I wanted to be able to write about the military. I've still never written a military story.

I realized that I wouldn't want to follow myself into combat, so how could I ask other people to? I stayed thru Basic Camp (Fort Knox) because I wanted to fire an M60.

It would've been better for my career to have stayed - they would have paid for me to go to MIT. I would have branched Ordnance, because they told us you got to do research in Ordnance. But everybody I knew who went Ordnance ended up supervising a motor pool.

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