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  • 6 weeks
    Well this stinks....

    Anyways... -sigh- Apparently me, my dad, and my brother have tested positive for COVID-19. :/

    Thankfully we don't have any of the symptoms for it (mainly I still have a cough to deal with while my brother has a sore throat.). So we have to deal with 5 days of quarantining at home and then 5 days to wear a mask (or face shield in our cases).

    Then we should be back to normal by then.

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  • 60 weeks
    Update on the next chapter for of Legends of Equestria: The Long Road Back

    So just a heads up: If anyone checks the weather from time to time, then y'all might know that my area is under a Winter Storm Warning from late Tonight (aka Thursday) until early Saturday Morning.

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  • 71 weeks
    Just a heads up for the next chapter of Legends of Equestria: The Long Road Back

    It's gonna be pushed to tomorrow, aka Thursday November 4th, 2021 instead.

    Reason why: Already backed up with the remaining screenshots as well as the chapter for of today's portion of the Sonic Infinity Collab via the Renaissance Era on my DA account: GameCube Galaxy.

    Apologies in advance for of the delay. :twilightsheepish:

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  • 94 weeks
    A new story, launching next week!

    The fabric of reality is waning, and worlds are colliding. Two old friends are mixed up in the chaos, and must make their move in order to save not only their world, but all other realities as well as the insane dreams of a madman come terrifyingly close to fruition.

    The Blue EM2 and JimmyHook19 proudly present...

    Sonic Infinity!

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  • 106 weeks
    James's reboot design for of the Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go! revealed

    So as of recently, Mattel has revealed one of the first merch for the.... ugh.... 2D Thomas Reboot (otherwise known as: Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go!), that being a book for it. And on the front cover reveals James's reboot design albeit from the front:

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James's reboot design for of the Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go! revealed · 12:13am Mar 7th, 2021

So as of recently, Mattel has revealed one of the first merch for the.... ugh.... 2D Thomas Reboot (otherwise known as: Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go!), that being a book for it. And on the front cover reveals James's reboot design albeit from the front:

To quote James from the Classic Series along with the image as followed:


I mean why Mattel. Why would you ruin my favorite character in the Thomas and Friends franchise like this? JUST WHY?!!!! I mean... I would of been fine if James didn't appear in the reboot at all so that Mattel didn't have to ruin him, but NO.... they just had to do this to him by massacring him. ;-;

Apologies if that word is pretty strong to describe my feelings/opinions on the matter. :twilightsheepish:

I might as well explain why I'm still a James fanboy as well as why Red is still my favorite color to this day.

From when I was born until I discovered Thomas and Friends and of course, my love for trains would be to where it is now, my favorite color used to be yellow. Heck.... if yellow still remained to be my favorite color, my favorite characters would of ended up being these two female Yellow engines in the TV Series:


and Rebecca

but eventually, when I saw James and his splendid Red Coat of Paint for the first time....

I knew that yellow would no longer be my favorite color, but instead be Red. And ever since then.... Red has been my favorite color no matter what, and I owe it to James for helping me discover of what would be my favorite color nowadays for a living. <3 :heart:

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As someone who no longer finds interest in the show but grew up on the show, it's another example of oversimplification for the sake of saving money and that almost never looks good.

Got that right.

... When did it get animated?!?

I remember loving the show when I was knee-high to a Sand Mouse, and it was made with... like... scale-models or something.

Am I old?
I FEEL like I'm old, and I'm not even 27 yet.

Well in regards... first it was live action models, then it was CGI, and now it's 2D but in reboot form.

The series was produced using models between 1984 and 2009, being one of the few shows to continue with practical animation when most were moving to CGI. In Season 12 (2008), they experimented with CGI faces on the models instead of static face masks, but the results looked horrifying, to say the least.

From 2009 to 2020, the series was animated in CGI, but it was clearly made on the cheap. Between 2013 and 2020, the animation became considerably more realistic, but the better visuals was offset by wonky physics.

The show came to an end last year, and is now being rebooted in 2D (think Teen Titans Go). Mattel have fallen into the trap of making their property like all the others. People latched onto Thomas because it was always different to the competition. In the 1980s, most kids shows were action packed and frenetic, and yet here was this calm TV series about steam engines going about their day. Yes, they talked, but otherwise the world was a realistic one.

Similarly, in the 2000s, most kids shows were made in CGI, but Thomas, again, stood out as they continued to use models and sets.

At the end of the day, if there's nothing distinctive about your brand or your show, people won't connect with it. A kid will watch it and forget about it about 30 seconds later as they switch channels for the next cartoon.


Alternatively, for you Yanks in the chat;

This all makes it very clear. Mattel doesn't care about Thomas. Mattel doesn't care about Awdry's work or legacy. Mattel doesn't care about the fans. All they care about is their bottom line and making a quick buck over long term engagement. Such actions tend to end in disaster, so maybe it's time the property took a rest.

... Jesus, that makes me feel old.

Almost as bad as when I make a reference to the PS1 or N64 to someone younger than me, and it flies over their head, followed by a look like they're thinking, "I can't believe games could have ever been like that!"

I know the feeling. I wasn't happy with the switch to CGI either, but at least S17-21 was good.

The only thing I dislike about the world adventure is that it totally out of character for Thomas. I’m currently rewriting on how it would actually go. I have an evil engine that has taken over sodar with his company and scattered the engines across the world. Thomas doesn’t know because he is helping a United Kingdom train get to Paris Thomas returns only to get thrown onto the boat after being chased but cranky tells him that he has to find the other engines and the fat controller who is on his vacation

James and Gordon in Africa. ( also meets Nia) Percy and Edward in Australia Toby in New Zealand Henry in Brazil the twins in the USA
Rebecca in china and other engines in India, Russia and Europe.

I see. But you still need a plausible reason for Thomas to be going off the island in the first place. Remember that the Channel Tunnel wasn't built until 1994.

The reason is Thomas was taking the fat controller’s family to London because their original way was delayed and he gave permission for Thomas to help the train in trouble

What if Thomas was invited to the Paris Railway Show?


I think you mean Mattel, not Hasbro. :twilightsheepish:


though hasbro probably would do the same.

-sigh- I know right? Seriously..... Mattel has no chill factor whatsoever when it comes to the TTTE franchise. :/

But that's not to say that all of Mattel is bad, mainly like say it's other toylines like for example.... Hot Wheels :3

oh my gosh i love hot wheels! i've been collecting them since i was ten!! seen highway 35 and every acceleracers movie too.

and yes i know it's weird that i do that lol

Heh.... my personal favorite is Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver. =3

nah mate acceleracers because the epic soundtrack

Indeed =3

Wanna see some of my favorites from that soundtrack? :3

Alrighty :3 Here are my three favorites :3

1. The Living Room/Kitchen

2. The Sandbox

(Such a Summer music vibe to it, especially given how that season is easily my favorite <3)

3. The Casino/The Game Room

Got some funky beats to it. X3

What are your favorites from that epic Soundtrack btw? X3

Noice =3 I assume cause of the funky beats? X3

Heh.. =3 Favorite part of it btw? X3

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