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5th Anniversary to My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games · 3:36pm Sep 26th, 2020

So today, Saturday September 26th, 2020, marks 5 years since the 3rd entry in the Equestria Girls Franchise first aired on Discovery Family:

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games!

And with it brought 6 new characters that would of course be fan favorites in the MLP Fanbase.

Introducing The Shadowbolts!

Lemon Zest:

Sour Sweet:

Indigo Zap:


Sunny Flare:

and Sci-Twi (aka Princess Twilight Sparkle's Human World counterpart):

And before I forget to close out this blog post.... here is each and every of the songs from Friendship Games. Enjoy!

Friendship Games (Song):

CHS Rally Song:

What More Is Out There? (Original Version. And I just couldn't resist going with that version rather than the final version. ^^; :twilightsheepish:)


Unleash The Magic:

Right There in Front of Me:

RQOTD 1: Which Shadowbolt member is your favorite? And if so, do you have more than one favorite Shadowbolt Member?

RQOTD 2: Which song do you like the most from Friendship Games?

Comments ( 24 )

Sugarcoat and ACADECA

1. Sci-Twi. I'm a lot like her in many ways; a nerd, something of a recluse, and rather clumsy. The only way I don't resemble her is I've never turned into a monster who tried to blow up the world.

2. What More is Out There. Again, it captures how I've often felt in life.

1. Noice :3

2. Just in case though: Original Version which was a duet with Sunset (as shown what I provided above. ^^) or the final version?

1. Indeed. I even wore glasses for a period (contacts don't suit my eyes very well).

2. The version used in the finished film.

1. Heh, I was about to ask that part for the glasses. ;3

2. Okie. :) Because one thing to point out for the original version, someone actually did do a fan animation for it. ^^

1. I only really needed them for reading. Sci-Twi is practically blind without hers.

2. I've seen that.

1. Got that right. :)

2. Heh, I kind of preferred the one before it was reuploaded. Reason why: Just the right sound for the singers. ;3

Did they use the original audio?

In the original upload yes.

In the one that was reuploaded, I would have the audio for the singers is a bit different... ^^'

Hmm.... Sower sweet and unleash the magic! :P

Good choices. ;3

As we speak, I'm working on getting the 6 stories submitted so of course.... wait till all of them are up, then you can comment... favorite, and thumb up on all of them. ;3

Okay? :)

Twilight and Unleash the Magic, both by a wide margin. Unleash the Magic is one of my favorite songs in all of G4. It's just so intense and atmospheric and the build up and haunting vocals are perfect.

This one was soooo good!! Watched it for the first time last week!:pinkiehappy::raritystarry: the music was really good - I especially like the CHS Rally song:rainbowwild:

Don't forget the first RQOTD. ;3

RQOTD 1: Which Shadowbolt member is your favorite? And if so, do you have more than one favorite Shadowbolt Member?

Whoops, thanks for the heads up! Favorite shadow bolt is probably Sugarcoat lol. She + Sour Sweet made me laugh so hard:rainbowlaugh:

You're welcome. X3

Noice :3

favourite shadow bolt: techinally Twilight(cause she’s really smart and vunerable) but... if it has to be out of the 5 of them, LEMON ZEST!!! (Cause she’s crazy)

My favourite song is ACADECA(guess why- because it is full of competitiveness and energy. Love the Pinkie/Fluttershy cake scene)

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