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For stallions and mares dedicated to protect the princess of the night.

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God, I kinda feel awful for being out of the loop for so long, life is strange.

It is time I think that the tale of the Luner Gaurd should now be told, perhaps the griffans drew near to hostility against the Princesses and all of Equestria.
But the Luner Gaurd will be there to defend and die, if that be the choice of the Princess.

History is determined by the winners, Celestia was that winner, and thus, her history became what was, and is believed all that ever was. Certain truths may never be unveiled, and the real history of Luna may remain a constant rumor, or legend, but only accepted as fact by us.
I believe it would sooner be Luna who would accept the terms of democracy than Celestia, and this will prove to be an important step in the advancement of our species, for when leaders make choices that the ponies disagree with, an uprising will ensue. I believe Luna understands this, despite holding a high position of government.
I know of technology that we are not ready for yet, but will discover inevitably such as atomic bombs. But destroying ourselves is not the only thing we need to worry about and consider now, another threat is what lives within the stars of the night sky. The Doctor is aware of this, but his dealings are with very few other than himself, yet he seeks salvation for our kind.
At times of peace, it is our duty to prepare to defend ourselves, because the only chance we have in the face of an oppenent billions of years more advanced than us is is to stand strong, stand fast, and stand united.

By Iunas light, there will be peace.

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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