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Hey everyone.... · 7:06pm January 5th

...You might be wondering why I'm back down to 11 submitted stories on my FIMFiction account all of a sudden.

Well..... -sigh- here's what happened:

After when my Roxie Rave TG TF was submitted, a user (and I won't say the name of to avoid backlash) made the first comment on there complaining about why my story was barely MLP related despite me transforming into a character that is of course from MLP. Anyways.... a Moderator was called in to check and well.... all but 11 of them were revoked until I had to fix them to meet the "FIMFic" standards. :/

So yeah... over the next few days, all of them will get some fixing to them until they are back up and they will need to go to the Moderation Queue to make sure if they can be allowed back on my account anyways after being resubmitted. :T

-sigh- I really hate these restrictions anyways. :/

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That's not quite what happened. As the mod themselves pointed out, the stories had very tangential connections to MLP.

Man.... sometimes I can't keep focused when looking at things carefully. :twilightsheepish:

Sadly, on occasions, that's a rule to follow.

Damn it

I wuv those stories even Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest

They will return in some form or another.


We had a similar conversation in November of 2019 about these, and I remember suggesting options such as merging stories or otherwise addressing the issue that the stories are typically far more about the human character's hometown than anything to do with ponies. For readers here to read about ponies, these stories are extremely threadbare and not really "about" ponies, even if they do make brief appearances.

There are options here besides just scrapping everything. I'm a pretty competent idea guy, I'm happy to discuss things that'll make the stories better for your readers as well as acceptable for the site. I don't get any joy out of trampling on someone's passion project.

Well.... would it be alright if Seapony Stories Volume 2 and Seapony Stories Volume 3 can at least be resubmitted?



You can resubmit whatever you feel is worth posting, and it'll be approved or failed from the mod queue accordingly. But, frankly, a big part of the goal here was to try and make you consider which of these stories are actually things you care about and want to develop, and which of them are just attempts to pad out the statistic of how many times your character has transformed. I find that a lot of inexperienced authors obsess over stuff like word count and other big numbers, and immediately want to write stories that are in the millions of words or have some other BIG NUMBER attached to them because of some perceived sense of prestige that comes from having done that. But that's honestly not something the average reader cares about. I'd all but guarantee you that you'd find a more enthusiastic reception if you cut back the number of stories you pump out and focus more on fully developing a smaller number of ideas.

As in, don't treat this as "how can I get the Seapony stories to be approved?" so much as "how can I make the Seapony stories better?"

If I remember right the Seapony stories were all like 1,200 - 1,500 words. Releasing stories like that is a terrible strategy. I'm sure I brought this up in 2019. Were I you, I'd want to take the opportunity here and do more than just stick a little more pony content in to make the annoying moderator shut up and give me my stories back. Most of them had negative vote ratios, but were fairly competently constructed at a technical level. That tells me there's something going on here that audiences aren't into, and if these were my stories I'd be trying to figure out why and how to go about fixing that. There's gotta be some potential here that's being wasted by having every story be a blog post about Manteo followed by "and then I turned into a pony."

But like I said. I gave you a list of the most common issues I found, and in many cases even listed specifics. Happy to work with you as much as you'll allow (or not at all), but you're not forbidden from resubmitting anything. It'd just be in your best interest to do it through mod queue, else I'd end up having to just revoke the stories again if they're not up to scratch.

Aw, no. You might have to change stuff a bit, but don't scrap your ideas. You're a brilliant writer, and I'm sure you'll be able to change things so your stories pass the moderation queue without losing their spirit.


Already starting with two on the moderation queue to have them be resubmitted. :raritywink:

Ooh. That sucks. I hope you can get them back up.

We're currently working on getting them up to standard.

That's good to hear. Need any help?

I'll let you know if we do.

Thanks. I'd be glad to help out in any way I can.

I also have a new OC, by the way.

I'm still coming up with a name for her. She's an earth pony who runs a bookstore.

Sounds like an interesting one.

Thanks. I'll send you a picture of the ref when I'm done.

i miss the dazzlings

Huh, that's pretty good advice :0

You never comment on my blog posts = (

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