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Who is best pony. Well here it's Princess Luna. There are probably a lot of groups surrounding and partial to her. But this one is for those who are devoted to her! Anyone can join. As far as adding stories, it just has to involve Luna. Anything Luna goes here.

Rules: Luna does. And do not spam or be disrespectful!

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345249 Lol Oh why yes of course! What a coincidence indeed.:twilightsmile:

345247 Great thanks, I really appreciate that.

I might as well join, since it is a very nice coincidence that my name matches the group name quite well.

I'll make one for you, and then you can edit it as you please. And yes, it's a forum thing.

345220 Ok I can do that, but I'm pretty new to the whole group thing so how do I go about that exactly? Do you mean a forum on it?

Comment posted by vansmidt deleted Jan 17th, 2014

You should probably have a rule page up. Just in case there are any special rules such as "Only positive Luna stories" or something. It makes me feel safer if there's a whole page that I can strictly adhere to instead of just a few words.

Haha you know it!:twilightsmile:


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