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Well since I just read flutterheat and all of flutterheart diarys say I couldn't stop reading them even if I tried there just so good! :rainbowlaugh:

Moar activity!

I have a fic that is entwined with this fic

283113 I have fans in high places, it seems. I might see what's going on at brony tv later on today.

*just now realized i said i would do that 10 weeks ago*
...oops :twilightsheepish:
sorry, about a day or two after i said that i changed OS from windows XP to ubuntu and lost photoshop and am still getting used to gmip, and than after that i joined the nice people at Bronytv (self plugging FTW) and totally forgot about this...heh.... sorry, once i get a new computer (hopefully in 2 or so months) ill also get a drawing tablet to make it much easier, sorry for making you wait so long, i just draw kind of slow with a mouse.....
I actually remembered i was still in this group when someone in our irc chat (ama) told me you gained a few followers for a link i posted here, glad that helped you :twilightsmile:
~Oatz, mod and head streamer of Bronytv~

282856 Yep. And apparently Fluttershy in general. Not sure where this other fic came from.

I have stumbled upon an amazing find, a flutterheart group. This makes me all fuzzy on the inside.

How's the fan art coming along?

182992 I feel your pain... literally. I am 6 foot 4. I hit my head on my ceiling at least once a week, if not thrice. :fluttershysad: Head... throbbing... owww..... Did I mention that I hate school buses? Way. Too. Short.

*Mando Deep Breath* yay~ :yay:

194769 Yeah, I thought it was needed :)

194769 Yeah, I thought it was needed :)

Holy crap you guys, holy crap.

Flutterheart Fan Group.


ANYWAY. Since i can't draw... or make music... OFF TO FANFICTION LAND I GO!

-The Librarain

ON IT! :rainbowdetermined2:
but first i need to get over this concussion i got from walking down the stairs and hitting my head on the ceiling, I hate being six feet tall......

I have no artistic ability. You guys are free to make fan art as you please. I kinda request the Frisbee scene though.

ohhhhhh, fanart, brb i need to get my pencil and paper :3

I'm not gonna write anything what everypony else here thinks, like "Flutterheart's the best", because they don't have to be said.
Instead I ask: is there going to be more Flutterheart stuff than just the two fics (the original and Flutterheart Diaries)? I mean, more stories, because fanart and/or music is bound to come up.


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