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For those that have DeviantArt or not.... · 12:25am January 19th

....I will announce that all future MLP/EG/Movie/Etc. Etc. TG TF's from me that would of gone to my FIMFiction account will all be on my DeviantArt account from now on and will be found in this folder right here:


As for the past stories that almost all of them got revoked... well.... I will be making two folders for it:

First folder will be for the stories from January 2019 to early January 2021.

Second folder will be for the mass amount of the images that were used as cover arts here and be added to the story itself.

Never fear though: Even if all of my future TG TF's for of the MLP franchise will be on my DeviantArt account nowadays, I will still constantly update my FIMFiction avatar for of course when the next MLP TG TF arrives from me. :raritywink:

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If you wanted to know all of your TG stories aren’t completely lost on Fimfiction

There’s a site named FimFetch where you can view any removed story from Fimfiction.

Your TG stories are there so we can read without having to go to DA or so:twilightsmile:

True... but I do want comments on them, so I'm not sure if FIMFetch can allow comments or not. :twilightsheepish:

They don’t but people can at least read it still so

Heh. True. :)

But I still wanna put them on DA anyways. You know... just for the comments. X3

I will be doing so over the next few days for this week, but once all the old ones are up.... then I will send the link over for them. ;3

You know I think I might have an idea

And that would be? :P

I know that your TG stories got revoked but I suggest maybe you can replace them with a series of shipping stories with the background characters:raritywink:

Heh.... I will keep that in mind for future ideas. :ajsmug:

I suggest Indigo Zap with Lemon Zest:pinkiehappy:

I definitely have DeviantArt!

That's assuming the fimfetch team got round to backing them all up.

Why did they get removed?

See the blog post I created on January 5th, 2021.

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