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A group for one of the most underrated Shippings out there. Doctor Whooves and Twilight! (Also for Time Turner and Twilight)

1. Threads are not allowed to have NSFW content without a warning in the title. Anyone who does this will be banned for a week.
2. You may post your story if it contains Twidoc shippings. Also, shameless promotion for any of your stories with either the Doctor or Twilight as an important character are not allowed. But stories where Twilight is the Doctor's companion is allowed. Also, please warn if it is GrimDark or Clop and it must be placed in the appropriate folder.
3. Again I must note NSFW stories must be placed in its folder. Please, warn if you are promoting your story.
4. Be kind to every user on this group. I don't want to struggle with stopping a flame war.
5. Only shippings with Doctor Whooves and Twilight are allowed. Time Turner counts as Doctor whooves. Even if he is not "the Doctor".
6. That said so long as Doctor Whooves/ Time Turner X Twilight are somewhere in the story, it is allowed.
7. No random threads. The threads allowed are shippings with Twidoc, discussions, or any post from me. Any thread not resembling or just about you being bored will be deleted.
8. Have fun and I hope you enjoy this group!

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