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At my school i'm kind of like the boy bully version of sunset. My hair color is black and gray stripes(im kind of supised how good it turned out)And my name is moonset


In case you're wondering · 2:48am Feb 23rd, 2016

All events in THE STORY OF MOONSET SHIMMER are off of true events. My real first name is Moonset. I do have a girlfriend but her nickname is sunset.

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OC POST 1 · 2:35am Aug 15th, 2016

Name: Midnight Moonshine
Gender: Female
Side: Nlr
Class/Rank: Forth Frontal Commander
Unit: NLR intelligence unit

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2169093 these were not criticism they were "welcome to the site" comments.

Just so you know, deleting comments is not a good practice. It just shows to others that you aren't one to take criticism.


ON Easter I WILL BE DELEDING the comments below becouse they are old.(not as old as Granny Smith:moustache:)

Comment posted by The Descendant deleted Mar 28th, 2016
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My opinion

I think that in S6or7 Twilight sparkle should no longer be the main character in mlp she has done what she was intended to do wich was becoming a alacorn. Who should replace her you ask in my opinion it should be Sunset Shimmer. Doing this would result in more popularity for the show. OR they can scrap mlp as it is right now and do a mlp EG series to take it's place. it would take a alacorn born to shining armor and cadence to boost popularly

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