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Once done with the Card Master's wishes she got her world back, her world stolen by his games and the Princess with whom she shared a name. No more loops, no more looking at her family knowing what's to come.

With her children grown up, each taking on lives of their own as monster hunters, her pleasant life of farms and vineyards and orchards seems duller by the day. That is, of course, until the war, across all of Equestria's kingdoms, breaks out.

Driven out of the orchard she earned to live in by the High Mountain Kingdom, there is nothing but the road. War and chaos and corpses let monsters thrive, and where there are monsters, there will always be hunters.

Whatever is to come, Fiora de Battaille will stand for the life she fought to get back.

Author's note:
This story takes place after the Card Master Trilogy, following the continued life of one of the characters in the trilogy. However, the time and story is specifically designed to be independent from the original trilogy.
The only details of significance are this: Fiora de Battaille is an "alternate" version of canonical Twilight Sparkle, who, in the events of the Card Master Trilogy, was raised from young as a monster hunter. Non-earth ponies are infertile mutants, with the exception of Fiora, who has started the only line of fertile mutants with a pony as the father, who has long since been deceased.

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Inspiration for "Ei vist lo loup."
Ai Vist Lo Lop:

I haven't read the story yet and I can already tell, this will be an amazing story.

Will read once this is done.

I have multiple story arcs planned and, while I completely understand that you want the whole thing, I wanted to try an episodic style of chapter releases. I suggest trying the first few chapters since the first arc doesn't really kick off until after the first couple.

Wow, first chapter through and I'm hooked!
I really like the amount of fine details and logic you put into this story. The backgrounds are interesting and the characters act in believable way. Also, it greatly reminds me of The Witcher series!

I haven't read the original trilogy, so I just hope that won't be an issue later into the story.

There shouldn't be an issue. This is written to be a continuation of Fiora's life, not a continuation of the trilogy, so it's written to be completely independent. In fact, as the reader walks the path with Fiora, they'll also gain insight to what drives her to wander and learn more about her past as she reflects on the present.

This is surely unexpected and clever tactic of defense :twilightsmile:
So far I really like the world you have managed to build as well as I'm intrigued by the mysteries appearing along the way. Great!

Also, is Cyana an alternate version of Rarity? Since you are not too much descriptive when it comes to colors of coat and mane, I can only guess from her behaviour.

Indeed, you are really good with painting the world and its inhabitants in realistic, sometimes even harsh light, but it all works to create the image of land torn by war. Every chapter brings an unexpected twist of the plot so one never knows what might happen in the next paragraph. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Also, thanks to you I now have three new songs added to my playlist, great!

I noticed some typos here and there while reading. Do you want them reported in a PM like before?

Thanks for the feedback! I try to balance world building with plot and character developments so it's hard to know what is the right balance.

I know I don't make appearances clear--it's one thing that I leave out to put more detail in the surroundings--but her name is supposed to imply blue colors. In my mind it's a cyan coat with dark blue mane and tail, but like I said, I am very free with how my characters look beyond critical features.

You're welcome. So far, I think you managed to keep the balance just fine :twilightsmile:

hey whats the original triliagy called

Wow, really great and action-packed part! Lady Stranglethorn should slowly but surely start to worry for her life...

Wow, really clever and interesting bits concerning these creatures. I’m looking forward to more entries to this bestiary :twilightsmile:
However, I’m not sure if it is a good idea to have it there as a first chapter—all in itself it is not very hooking for the reader.

I might put it at the back, since it's meant to be a glossary rather than an introduction.

To interested readers: I had intended to continue the story arcs I had planned out on this same story page. However, after a long hiatus and shift in writing style, I decided it'd be better leave this story as it is and continue in a second story to maintain consistency.

In that picture is that Hircine the daedric lord of the hunt from the Elder Scrolls!!!

Actually, no, it's a Leshen from the Witcher 3, referencing my inspiration for this story.

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