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As a writer you ask yourself to dream while you're awake. As an editor you ask yourself how to change a story while leaving it the same.

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Rainbow Dash go for a flight at night, spending some quality time with each other.

Y.... Yes? Okay.

Is there anything missing here or...? No? Rightio...

10/10 would ship again. Good job on the story

Great job, the more SoarenDash the better!:yay:


Ah crap, thought I had fixed that. I actually noticed that error, most of the ideas I come up with are when I'm half asleep, so errors like this are actually pretty common.

cute story, well done:twilightsmile:


Hooray for SoarinDash! There totally aren't enough good SoarinDash fics on the site; those that are good aren't complete. I hope to see some good fics from you!


I may do one or two more, depends on how well my other writing goes. If I did then the next one would probably appear sometime around the 21st, though I'm not sure what I would write yet. If you have any one-shot ideas for SoarinDash I'd be glad to hear them.

This was a whole story?


It's a one-shot. One shots can be a glimpse into the life of a character, their relationships, moments, etc. So yes, it was a whole story.

It's been a couple days and I don't remember it
That's not a good sign


Sounds like you should get something checked. Because I remember what it is and haven't read it since I wrote it.

But you wrote it
What kind of comparison is this

"Sorry I don't remember which one your son is"


The point was that I threw the story together in a few days and it's been over half a year since then. It shouldn't be that hard to remember what a story was like, especially if it was a few days.

Unless it's
- too short
- underdeveloped
- pointless


It's called a short story for a reason, there's a little more than a thousand words for one scene that's specificly for being one scene (how many words did you expect?), and it being pointless it pretty a opinionated reason, it's there to give a glimpse into a relationship. Something like this is a short and sweet moment, not a whole story, or a whole thing, just something you'd imagine the two doing in a long story. It's something that's there to be a nice read for a bit without any drama, real investment, or anything else, just a good read. So, it's not my problem that you didn't enjoy it, plenty of other people did, that's why I made another SoarinDash one-shot.

Oh, oh, oh, of course
So it's a nice read for people who are already invested in this ship
I get it
So God forbid you put anything interesting in it, because people will eat it up anyway just 'cause it's their ship
That's fine

"As a writer you ask yourself to dream while you're awake"

I'd fucking hate to have the dreams you do, mate


I don't see the reason you're so triggered over a nice little story that's there so you can build a headcanon, or enjoy it, or whatever. The whole reason there isn't anything necessarily interesting is because there isn't a need for it, I don't have to make a reason for something to happen in a story, I can write it because it's something that could happen in their life. Hence the slice of life tag. You seem to get the reason, so what's the reason for bringing a quote that I have in my bio into your comment?

> using the word "triggered"
Oh, so that's the kind of person I'm talking to
Well I guess that explains that

delete your account

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