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The human Twilight has moved to California living with her brother and his wife after a tragedy in japan took her parents lives. As she tries to adjust to her live and crystal prep she comes across strange occurrences that reminds her all to much of the power that took her parents. and thanks to a gift from her late parents she manages to capture some form of magic trying to escape the mirror and with this new power she will put an end to those six girls who abuse their new power. But not as the feeble Twilight sparkle she will stop them as Kamen rider Eternal night!

A/N: An a.u and crossover with the kamen rider franchise specifically the neo heisei.

Collab w/: Deadmanx513 i like to give him special thanks because of his hardwork this story got off the ground give him a follow as well

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When three new student's come to Canterlot high. a competitive wise cracker by the name of Crescent Blade. A hyper joyful girl named New Dawn. And the serious youngster Skywinder Winner, they change the face of the school for Sunset and her friends by bringing with them their love from there home they bring Gunpla Battle

Collab w/: New Dawn, SouthernCross support these writers.

With assistance from: Phantomslayer230

A/n: Crossover with Gundam build fighters try using oc's and regular cast. Takes place a month after Rainbow rocks

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When Spike, Ponyville's residential baby dragon starts hearing something in his head that he cant explain, something happens to his mind something he thought that he would never go through: the revelation of who and what he truly is

This is my first fan fic so please leave some constructive criticism

on hiatus until an editor is found

Warning contain: mentions of rape but no clop scenes and Grusome depictions of the consumption of live animals and of murder

Takes place after s4 finaly

thanks for cover art go to onxyprince on deviantart

editor:scalor barracuda cyborg

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