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Gundam tabletop · 5:09am Oct 15th, 2019

(On mobile forgive any errors) I'm trying to develop a Gundam tabletop system from D&D 5e stat and skill system. I'd like to run test sessions with it and hammer out any problems before planning a full campaign with it, I'm here looking for volunteers. While experience in 5e would be nice, the system is really intuitive and easy to learn how to use, I can teach you so experience is not needed. If you're interested or want further details of the system or playtime. Dm me here or on Discord @

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HOLY SHIT! · 10:07am Jun 16th, 2019


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Monster Wishlist · 3:44am Dec 12th, 2018

I'm gonna split this list into three lists, Monsters I want imported to world, new monsters made from scratch and new subspecies/deviants of monsters already in the game. Also Tigrex and Nargacuga, have been confirmed already, so they aren't in my lists.

Returning monsters. (Btw, world is my first mh game and this part is based more on reputation and my love of their design.)
1. Zinogre

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Need non mecha fan beta readers · 7:25pm Sep 12th, 2018

I'm doing a second draft of a short story. A lot of non-mecha fans where confused with the first draft because I wrote it without anticipating much confusion from those unfamiliar with the tropes of mecha. I'm attempting to make the second draft to be easier to understand for a general audience.

Mecha btw being giant piloted robots in war setting.

It's 4 pages long, 2318 words. Written with an omniscient narrator. PM me if interested.

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In need of beta readers · 7:38pm Aug 24th, 2018

I got a first draft for a Writing class assignment done. It's my first time using an Omniscient narrator and I'd like some criticisms.

Also It stars a character I'm planning on writing a whole book about in the future and I'd like some criticisms on her.

If you're interested Pm me and I'll pm you the link to the Gdoc.

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It's my birthday · 10:23am Jul 16th, 2018

I'm 20 now....fuck.

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Confession · 1:57am Apr 15th, 2018

Sorry that I've given no updates regarding any of my fics. Especially to those who have supplied an oc for Fallout Equestria: Night Born Orphans.

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Sweet Buttery Christ · 11:53pm Jan 28th, 2018

It's only the 2nd week of my crafting fiction class, AND JUST READ THE WORST STORY EVER!

It's self insert fanfic about our college.

Its pretentious

it's preachy

its ego stroking to the point I'm surprised the paper it's printed doesn't reek of cum.

It took me an hour to read it because I stood up every ten minutes to shout "WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING!"

I'm tempted to transcribe it in a google doc so you can experience this bullshit!

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If you were making Gen 5 · 9:34am Jan 22nd, 2018

I saw this today (On a side note I really like some of her ideas, especially the final twist)

Her video reminded me of this video going around a while back about World Of Warcraft and wow youtubers giving their ideas on wow if they were in charge. So let's do the same here on fimfic.

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I made a twitter · 12:02am Jan 20th, 2018

I now have an open social media account aside from an abandoned rp tumblr and a facebook page taken over by my mother.

feel free to follow or shit post me stuff.

I'm @HorseOfAcherus because of this awesome artwork made for me that I never had a chance to use before the twitter. seriously go look at it.

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