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Final Solution posting starts tomorrow · 8:27pm Dec 13th, 2018

...and then every Friday until it is all gone. The final chapter should drop in the first week of January.

Merry Christmas!

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Just finished the 1st draft of Final Solution · 9:35pm Nov 11th, 2018

Still needs an editing pass, then it has to be sent out for prereading. Assuming no catastrophic issues, I expect to start an accelerated posting schedule a week or two before Christmas.

The first chapter of Wasp was posted in January 2012. The end of a era (or was it error... hmm).

Seven years. I feel numb.


Next chapter for _Final_ will drop a little late (next week?) · 8:09am Feb 18th, 2018

Had planned to post on friday, but an annoyingly hard to fix error was highlighted by a prereader and a chunk of rewriting is required.

My bad (was trying to get back into a regular posting schedule, but I guess I burned that bridge a long time ago!). On the plus side, the writing is keeping pace with the two(ish)-monthly posting cycle and still have about the same buffer level as before the restart.

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Summary docs for Wasp and Final are complete · 9:16pm Aug 30th, 2017

...and can be found here:


At some point I'll go in and edit the links in each chapter:pinkiesick:, but not today.

Nearly got lost in my own fic, re-reading all the bits I enjoy.

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Reference plot summary for Days of Wasp and Spider (now available!) · 11:58am Aug 27th, 2017

I've updated my reference 'document' with a master summary of Wasp. This contains all of the spoilers, and is designed as a reference for me and for readers who want a reminder of the plot without having to plough through the best part of a quarter million words...

Everything is kept in this unsubmitted 'story':

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I'm still alive, redux · 8:25pm Aug 21st, 2017

This time it's Real Horse who almost didn't make it.

First, an update on Final Solution. I wasn't going to post until I had something concrete (you know, like an actual chapter...), but an enterprising reader stumbled across one of my other accounts and mentioned that I really should do something. I've not been back to FimFic for months, so I apologise for ignoring you all; real life was very disruptive and writing became impossible for a couple of months.

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I'm not dead! · 4:51pm Jan 3rd, 2017

No, really. Christmas came close, though. The equine hit squad still have it in for me (I think it must be a family thing; I offended one of their own and now they all want me dead). More on those murderous tendencies later.

I've been absent a while, due to horse-based distractions (but you figured that, I guess); should have come back to check stuff, but feared the distraction (and a vague feeling of guilt at not doing more). That said, you all deserve an update on my progress:

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The future of /Final Solution/ -- writing the ending · 12:11pm Oct 16th, 2016

Uh-oh, a blog post on the 16th, this can't be good.

Yes, well, about that.

Short version: I need to draft the final chapters of FS, and won't be able to post much (if anything) during this process. This will take several months.

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No chapter this month, and the 'length' may return. · 7:28pm Aug 14th, 2016

1--turns out there is such a thing as a 'length', and worse, it's a horse related measurement
2--no chapter this month, due to Real Horse problems (this is also why I've been tardy with replying to comments and such)

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504,693 · 8:07pm Jun 18th, 2016

Half a million published words in A Soot Covered World. :pinkiehappy:
Four and a half years of work (so far: a bit over 10% of my life). :pinkiecrazy:
An average of ~300 words a day.

That's really rather silly.

To all those who've read/commented/followed: you've kept me going. In a very real sense, this is all your fault.

Thank you!

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