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I just a guy who want to write fun stories


One fateful night, a creature crash land on Equestria and unlike any creatures, he’s machine!

Dr. Soul-X76’s goal is turning every ponies into soulless robots as he believes it will end any more conflicts!

Mane Six and Spike must stop a villainous robot from turning every ponies into robots before it’s too late!

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Dang, where did you get that picture of the Robot Villain? :rainbowderp: He looks like he's from the DC Comics.

Will the Young Six, Starswirl and the Pillars, Sunset Shimmer, Tempest Shadow, Ember, Thorax, Queen Novo, Princess Skystar, and other Fan Favorite Side Characters help the Mane Six, Spike, Royal Sisters, Discord, and Starlight stop the Robot Villain?

Maybe.... :raritywink:

How would you feel if this robot villain assimilate you into a robot in order to take away your emotion?

Even though that sounds like a silly question to say. :rainbowhuh: :applejackunsure:
It's press obvious that I WOULDN'T like it. I rather had have the Robot body, but KEEP my emotions and Personality intact.

Kinda like the Twins Android 17 and 18 from Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super. Technically, their Cyborgs if you think about it. Half Human/Robot kind of thing, and having a Infinite Engine with Infinite Stamina is a HUGE Plus.

Is there’s a particular character that you’re not looking forward to be potentially assimilate into a robot like what happens with Flash Sentry, Shining Armor, Cadence and Flurry Heart?

Mostly Spike, Young Six, Sunset, Tempest, Discord, Ember, Thorax, Discord, Novo, Skystar, And the Pillars.

The writing still needs work but it was a fun read still, keep it up can't wait to see when you reach Our Town and Hope Hollow, I always like Cyberiffication.

Also if you are looking for any Cyberpony art design I do enjoy designing ponybots art. If you ever interested in commissioning some art let me know.:raritywink:


Yeah, I would like to see you doing Cyber Pony design.

I didn’t find any cyber ponies art for the cover and i pick an art of a creepy robotic creature that I found online instead for the cover of Robo-Ponies. (Is that’s okay with your art on the cover of Robo-Ponies?)

But if you do one, which pony character would you like to draw for your Cyber ponies art? There’s so many characters to choose for.

If I were to pick one I would say either Pinkie Pie or Twilight Sparkle :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, can’t wait for your cyber-pony art on Pinkie Pie or Twilight Sparkle.

You know normally, I charge for this kind of but I might just do it for the heck of it time.:rainbowdetermined2:

Here's my Deviantart account just in case you finish the art


Well, can you give me example? I can fix the words for you.

Hard to point out since it some missing words I can’t evaluate where. Idk use the reader feature and you might hear where words are missing. Sorry if it neck picky it was just distracting

Yikes. Force assimilation is not cool

Yeah, especially the one who is forcing assimilate on the ponies and other creatures is a robot who believes ponies let their emotions get the best out of them and they always end up conflict with each other because of their emotions and he determines to assimilate all of them into robots in order to end the conflicts once and for all by taking their emotions away and turning them into an emotionless and personality-less robots.

Just to let you know im using this book to make an application dont give me copyright issues

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