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I just a guy who want to write fun stories

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One fateful night, a creature crash land on Equestria and unlike any creatures, he’s machine!

Dr. Soul-X76’s goal is turning every ponies into soulless robots as he believes it will end any more conflicts!

Mane Six and Spike must stop a villainous robot from turning every ponies into robots before it’s too late!

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One day, Spike find a mysterious comic book and to his surprise, Not only he’s the main character of the comic book but he’s very angsty.

The book cause Spike to question himself.

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Spike Drake and Flash Sentry are best friends who always look out for each other ever since Flash’s family took Spike in after the death of his parents.

After their failed romantic relationship with Rarity and Sunset Shimmer, they meet a beautiful student named Twilight and both fall hard for her which lead to them become bitter rivals and determine to go war with each other to see which one Twilight will pick.

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Feeling unappreciated by Elements of Harmony, Discord find himself to be idolized by a group of zealous ponies who call themselves, “The Children of Discord” and they told Discord that he is their messiah and they do enjoy his chaos magic.

But Elements of Harmony especially Fluttershy doesn’t trust “The Children of Discord” and trying to figure out their agenda while their relationship with Discord is falling apart as Discord finally got appreciated from “The Children of Discord” something that Elements of Harmony failed on and he starting to see them as his true family.

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The Intergalactic Empire known as Faust seek out to find the best warriors from different planets and forces them to complete in the Gladiator Games.

When Faust about to capture Twilight, Spike end up save her and got capture instead! Now, Spike must fight off against numerous Gladiators in order to gain his freedom or else he won’t be able to see Twilight and Mane 5 again.

This fanfic is inspired by Thor: Ragnarok (My personal favorite MCU movie) especially when Thor is on Sakaar and expects a lot of old music in the fanfic.

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