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An Announcement, an Apology, and Appreciation · 5:50pm Feb 24th, 2013

So. You've probably noticed that I've been.... absent, lately. There are several reasons for that, actually. I'm stressing out over a few things, I've lost some interest, I picked up interests in other places, and finally, I'm lazy.

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Thanks, Derbykart! I was initially, meaning when I wrote that, a tad homophobic. However, I'm going to be exploring the possibility of an intimate relationship between the two. That story existed before I began creating my head canon, so some things are gonna change.
And I was worried about how much of Lyra showed through... but, too late now.
Thanks for the feedback!
Calli from Cali (for now).

Hi Calli! Guess what? I finally read your Album entry!
...yes, I know, I know...but at least I'm still commenting here like I promised myself I would, right?
Ahem. About your story...
I liked the nature of Lyra and Bon Bon's relationship. Especially how Lyra is always messing things up, that was interesting. If I am to be completely honest, though, I feel I got more of Lyra's character than Bon Bon's. Now, what I saw of Lyra was strong and good. Just...wanted more Bon Bon. Nice contained plot. Also really liked the comparison with the ice cream in the beginning. :twilightsmile:

I did, thanks! Hope yours are/were just as enjoyable.

I hope you have a wonderful superultraterrific Holiday, The!


What can I say? I have friends in high places.

Anyway, on a completely serious note, most of the followers I have ARE friends. The ones that aren't are either interested in my ongoing projects, or have seen my contribution to the Album. But no, I don't deserve most of my awesome friendly stalkers.

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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