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So we just nuked our friend dead through the power of friendship... well buck.

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This made me laugh! AHAHAHAHAAH:rainbowwild:

Would LOL again! Genius!

Get back to me when she explodes again. Exploding once is cliché.

Truth be told I thought the first fic that would use this whole "OMG Twilight Died" thing would be a sad and depressing one. Glad it was humor that came first! Personally though, I don't think she went to the "Afterlife" and was reborn or something. I think it was just another plane of existance that only Alicorns can reach, kind of like the alternate planes in D&D.

never have I read such a magnificent piece of prose. this will go down in history as one of the single greatest works of art that the MLP community has ever produced.

Thank you for this.

Just...thank you!:pinkiehappy:

Wtf I cant stop the lols!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Well... then that happened, huh? Take an ü.
*gives Ü*

You are a horrible, horrible person for making me laugh at this! :facehoof:

Well, I had just read a pretty sad story, so I have to thank you for this little laugh.

That sound you just heard was my sides exploding with the force of a nuke.

OMG:twilightoops: Best story ever:yay::heart:

this is beautiful and so are you

subliminal training from the wonderbolts and its in the brochure....sign me up

Jeez... I think this is a bit of an underrated story. I've got seven reasons.

1: Title (Damn you harmony lasers)
2: Rainbow Dash snapping Spike's neck. Quite loudly.
3: Fluttershy in possession of drugs, gambling, and murdering three ponies.
4: Applejack swearing at Fluttershy.
5: Rainbow Dash snapping Twilight's neck.
6: Celestia's 'my little dipshits', although it is censored, it can be easily picked out.
7: Celestia drinking alcoholic beverage from a hidden flask.

You may want to rate it up to teen.

In other words... You killed my heart. My heart exploded due to the intense laughter. I demand you get me a new heart before I- *Thud*

Why isn't this featured yet?

“Buck me sideways,” she cursed. “Well I hope you’re happy, my little dip@#$%s! I just wasted half of your tax money on a princess coronation celebration and on a new pretty pink princess chariot… but now I’ve got no princess! Somepony is getting princess-ified today whether they like it or not, so whose it going to be!?”

Well technically, Applejack HAS been getting turned into an alicorn a LOT recently.

Oh! Good call! *Changes to teen* Ty!
... Oh, and *pushes against your still and cold chest* LIVE! LIVE DAMN YOU! LIVE!

I laffed. :eeyup:



(Is it just me or is RD a little too excited about the angle she's got on Mac's butt in this picture?)

I'd probably have the same look on as well if I got an angle like that :rainbowwild:

I don't think she died either... even though the implication WOULD be kind of interesting for story telling...

This... was amazing. No words: only pics.


No, but seriously, this made me cracked up. Made me wish My Little Pony wasn't for children so this could somehow happen. Thumbs up from me, good sir :pinkiehappy:

And so went Princess Mac's coronation...

In other news the death sentence on Lighting Dust by the Griffin Empire was carried out today. Found guilty of murdering the emperor's niece Gilda, in her trial Lighting Dust's sole defense was that during her failed attempt to enter the Wonderbolts she was given subliminal assassination training. The prosecution called her story "complete bunk" and her defense attorney tried to use it as proof she was insane. Wonderbolt captain Spitfire could not be reached for comment.

Well, I should've seen this coming after I saw the chat freaking out after Twilight-splosion.

That was beautiful.

There are stories that people write out of spite and anger at the actual show, intended to make the readers feel stupid for liking MLP. Then there are stories people write out of an appreciation for dark humor, but with no intention to make the readers angry. I'm going to say this is one of those that grabs your hand and says "have fun with me", instead of one that pushes you down into the mud and laughs at your coat that just got ruined. Good stuff. :eeyup:

I didn't have very high hopes for this, but I had to read anyway... and damn, I broke down when Dash killed her again. The rest was, for the most part, rather funny; but that one got me.

Good show. Faved, which is rather uncommon for me.

2131564 Thanks for understanding! I'm slowly finding authors with brains!

*Suddenly explodes.*

You just nuked me with friendship. I hope you're happy. :ajsmug:

Take a pair of wings.....

And get zapped by the elements of harmony. :pinkiehappy:

2132347 Very well then! I shall now let you in on a secret! My Little Internet: Private Messaging is Magic.

Can I be an Alicorn now? I've been nuked!

Yay! Princess Big Mac!
I was trying to hold it all in, but once I saw that Mac was the new princess, I let it go. Way too awesome.
I also love how happy he is about it.:eeyup: eeyup!

And that's how Molestia came to be. :eeyup: :rainbowlaugh:

Dafuq did i just read? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Carry on. :trollestia:

And you get an internet, and YOU get an internet! EVERPONY GETS AN INTERNET!!!

Cinnamon Buns fix everything.

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