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I'm a guy named Dumb who occasionally gets his derriere in gear and writes HiE epics involving space, Gods, and other silly nonsense. Also edits/reviews stories, for those who are looking for that.

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Name's Storm. It's my title, my alias, and my identity.

I've been fighting for centuries now. Thousands of them, in fact. Traveling from dimension to dimension, trying my best to maintain proper balance. Not too much Law, not too much Chaos. Not too much Good, not too much Evil. At the same time, I am different. I have something that's unimaginable. Something that strikes inspiration in allies, fear in enemies, and horror in Gods themselves. A piece of interstellar technology I so aptly named the 'Universal Editor', a device that enables me to 'edit' the Strands of Existence, which then allows me nearly impossible feats.

After a close-encounter and failure to perform my self-imposed duty, I escape with only a flesh wound (or seven). Only to fall right into a realm packed with mythological beings, heavy emphasis on peaceful environments, and colorful technologically-inept equines that constantly try to become closer to me. Let's see how far my remaining sanity will plummet after this...


Rated Teen (Good amount of swearing, minor descriptive gore, and plenty of violence)
Story began: January 26th, 2012 (Posted on the 27th)
Editors: ShadowHorizons (Editor-In-Chief), SovietBacon
Cover Art (using Photoshop) made by: SovietBacon (artist of original picture [found thanks to EdwardJ] is this guy.)

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