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1008961 It is none other than ROBCakeran53... let's just say, that after MLD, my whole philosophy changed about the world, so him being one of my favorite is an understatement...
Your praises are very well welcomed and I cannot help, but internally squeel like a child in my delight! Just have all my gratitude from the bottom of my heart!
And at last, thank you for the good wishes - I try to get well as soon as possible and resume my duty to entertain you and the rest of the kind audience...

I wish you a wonderful day!

Thanks again for the faves on my stories, and now for the watch. Hopefully will have new stories out soon to read.

1008225 If i may ask who is this favorite writer that i follow?
and your welcome for the follow, i have high standards when it comes to people i follow, and you met those standards :). And if your sick then get well soon :).

In my times of sickness and struggling, you provided me a message to recall the bright side of the days. May Celestia shine bright upon you...
First my most precious and greatest story picked up your interest, now my entire work tingles your fancy. This progress is what means to me the most and the fact that I've earned it under such a long time, whispers to me that I'm indeed conversing with a person, who actually looks for quality. Furthermore, my one of my favorite writer is amongst those who you follow, which is just.... *internal screaming intensifies*... just take my blessing upon you, as the only way to repay you for the joviality you have brought upon me!

I wish you the most wonderful of nights to you!

And for the fave on The New Steed. I am glad you like the stories I tell. Hopefully a new one will be out sooner than later.

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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