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Argyle came to us by sea. He brought us his notes, a smile, and an impossible dream.

This story is complete, and will be updated every other day.

Pre-read and edited by Stinium_Ruide, Nailah, and applezombi. Thank you for your help!

Featured on Equestria Daily.

Rated Excellent in Mike Cartoon Pony's Ponyfic Review #5.

Recommended by TCC56.

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When Spike catches a terrible cold, Pinkie offers him a treatment plan in the form of a special kind of soup.

A special Reviewer's Mansion Secret Santa Gift Exchange story for the one-and-only Ninjadeadbeard, who asked for "Spike and Pinkie, Comedy or Slice of Life." Comedy isn't really my forte, but I tried to incorporate some semblance of humor into this piece. I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!

No actual relation to the real Crystal Noodle Soup product.

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Over the weekend some ravens got into the abandoned shop down the street.

That was when Brimstone knew his time was up.

A story set in the Rekindled Embers universe, which was created by my friend, applezombi. Please send him your support.

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You can neither escape nor forget the life you lead, much as Twilight Velvet wants to. Though proud of her children, she can't deny that being known only as the mother to two of the most powerful ponies in all of Equestria hasn't been easy. She'd like to forget her doubts, though, and a riverboat cruise seems like the perfect opportunity.

But still: you can neither escape nor forget the life you lead, regardless of whether it's the one you thought you'd have. But that's not what matters. Sometimes it takes being on a riverboat to the sea to remember that.

Runner-up for the My Little Renaissance Contest, and ended up placing 5th overall.

Pre-read and edited by the ever-wonderful Stinium Ruide, Ninjadeadbeard, Seriff Pilcrow, and applezombi. Thank you for all your help!

Cover art drawn by the wonderful Cyonix. My only edit was adding in the text.

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Attending the Gala was the last thing Silver Zoom wanted to do, and attending it alone was somehow even less preferable than that. With the prospect of a night spent entreating ponies who only care for the fact that he's a Wonderbolt ahead of him, he expects nothing short of a miserable experience.

When he meets Windy Whistles at the Gala, though, her enthusiasm towards him appears to be just the change of pace he needs. But Silver cannot anticipate just how much he'll have to reckon with before the night's over.

Won first-place in Nailah's Shipping Contest with the re-roll pairing of Silver Zoom and Windy Whistles.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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On the day of his breakup with yet another mare, Braeburn finds an eye in his bathroom mirror. Naturally, this leads to speaking to an eldritch abomination, a ritual, and... even love?

This story was written as part of a gift exchange by reviewers for the Reviewer's Mansion group, as a gift for Firefoxino.

I'm not sure what Lovecraftian fever dream induced this story, but I apologize in advance.

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Invited to a special six-performer poetry slam competition, Maud Pie hopes that she'll be able to share her writing with an excited and accepting audience, and possibly even win. But when an old acquaintance, whose talent is specifically tailored for the creation of poetry, throws her confidence into disarray, doubts begin to settle in Maud's heart.

Will Maud be able to overcome her fears and perform? Or will she choke before the first line is uttered?

Won first place in the A Change of Pace Competition. Pre-read graciously by Nailah and applezombi.

Featured 10/20 and 10/21!

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One morning, Rarity discovers a strand of gray hair in her mane. It shouldn't bother her, not really; after all, it was bound to happen at some point or another. But when she begins to see the signs of aging appearing on most of her friends, she is forced to confront a harsh truth about life, and what that means for the future.

Special thanks to my pre-readers, including:
Several Discord friends

You guys are the greatest!

Featured on Equestria Daily, 8/3

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Maud Pie embarks on a journey. It does not matter for how long.

A quick story to try and get me back into the habit of writing. Written in the style of Cormac McCarthy, which is why there may appear to be strange grammatical choices. Fragments. Run-on sentences. All for a certain theme found between the text.

Featured in Reviewers Cafe; thank you, Rainstream!

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