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Only when we have the courage to traverse the dark we may truly appreciate the light, no matter how weak it shines.

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Hello There
So, here you are, reading what I have written to introduce myself. Thank you for your interest, you shall be rewarded with enough information to suit your needs.

I am from Switzerland and I am very interested in writing, so I thought "Why not give it a try with something you enjoy, where you can make short stories and failures are responded to immediately?" so I ended up here, writing fan fictions and enjoying reading some.

As you may have guessed, I am a brony. I can't remember how exactly I ended up being one, but the Heavy singing his sandwich song to the cupcakes song from MLP may have been the start.

My favourite character is Princess Luna. I love the night sky, simply because I love the stars, the moon and the infinite possibilities still waiting for us, so she had a huge bonus for the position as my favourite.

I am also a gamer, and I like to spice my games with MLP mods (Playing Luna in Civ V and destroying Nightmare Moon? AW YEAH)

The Profile Picture is from Genzoman, Deviantart. It is "lent" but it is also only a placeholder until my own picture comes in (my artist is a bit slow and I can't draw :( ) Only to give credit who earns credit.

I am eager to answer to your questions,

(Questions may include things about Switzerland, my stories, myself or jokes)


New Avatar · 5:30pm Aug 25th, 2014

As you can see, I've got a new Avatar. It is not by my sister as first intended. It is from a friend of mine I met recently and I am so glad that she drew it for me.
What do you think of it?

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I think that they are great. I look forward to see how the stories continue.

Thanks for the faves for Treasured Moon & Stars 1 & 2. I'm happy you are enjoying the stories.:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch.:twilightsmile:

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