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Winter Break · 4:47am Dec 17th, 2013

Heyo people! It's been quite a while since I've given any update to you all. I'm on Winter Break now, so I'm done with classes for the semester. Passed all of them (albeit with a D in 108...) and I have plenty of time to just do stuff. I might try and write a little something, but I might not. Not entirely sure yet. I'll figure something out. But if I do write something, I don't know if I'll release it or not. My break is cut short because of the Orange Bowl (I'm in the Marching Band at my

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Aw, thanks :ajsmug:

Happy Birthday Asuya :yay:


I'm totally allowed to keep writing. I just needed to take PonyFall out of the name, which I already did. But since this is really Drae's and everyone from the collab's idea, I'm still going to give credit where credit is due. I.E. this is their idea and I support/encourage people to support the official collab :eeyup:

:rainbowhuh: So i just caught myself up with teh whole ponyfall stuff and even though you are not in the group can you still update them? I like your story so even if you can upload it somewhere else and send me a link:twilightsmile:

good luck with that bro/sis/whatever it is that you call yourself

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