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This ragtag group of survivors have been getting by each day, ever since the outbreak turned Union City into the Dead Zone it is now. Now they may have found an escape, in the form of a young girl with pale blue hair. A girl who claims to be from another world...
A collab between myself and three other authors: AppleBucker22, Jtpivot, and Cloud Nova.
This is a crossover with MLP and The Last Stand - Dead Zone.

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My name is Panda, and I've been travelling throughout Equestria for the past few months trying to find the stallion who made my own survival possible. Rising Knight. Be it by skill or incredible dumb luck, he did something none of us ever even though possible. He escaped the facility. The resulting destruction killed most of the staff, and released the surviving prisoners. Most of them died, but they were scum, the kind of monsters that deserved to be put to death. I was one of the only ones to escape the facility's fall in one piece. Recently, I'd gone to Canterlot, hoping to find some information on him. What I discovered was, curious. Apparently, ponies had been talking about Princess Luna having a son, and that said son was currently residing in Ponyville. I figured it wouldn't hurt to put off my search for a while to check this guy out.

This fic is a collab between me and Ponylover, (BRONY AJ) die all on steam, based on The Knight is Rising, using an OC created by his friend, who goes by Deman on Steam.

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Rising Knight knows nothing of his birth family. He grew up with his step-parents and sister after being found in the woods when he was five. When he was thirteen, his parents were murdered while his sister was forced to flee for her life, and he was taken by a group dedicated to brining back Discord and overthrowing the Royal sisters, all because of his unique abilities. After being experimented on and being forced to fight other test subjects, as well as other creatures that were captured purely to be used as opponents, to the death for six years, he has gained new abilities. This is his story.

Note: In this mlp universe, the cutie mark crusaders and their classmates are only 3 years younger than the mane 6. Also, Sparknanator has become my co-author, so now it has a bit of his randomness and comedy stylings.

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I woke up that morning expecting it to be a normal day. Eat breakfast, go to town, hang out with friends. I definitely didn't expect to get hit by a truck and wake up to find myself in a world full of talking ponies. And to top it all off, I'm missing an arm, or is that a foreleg?

This is my first ever attempt to write a work of fiction without it being a school assignment. I hope you guys like it. I have to give acknowledgement to my friends who helped me to write this. Meg, Chris, Marco, Para, Mag, JBF, Conduit, and Shado, thanks for helping me out with the fic. I owe you guys big time. Without you guys and our convos in the REwiki chat, I probably wouldn't have been able to think of half the things I thought of for the fic. So thank you.

I had talk with my original co-author about it, and I've decided to keep my original story alive. Therefore, I'm working
with Chris, aka AppleBucker22, who will be editing on the orignal story only, and the rewrite is going up as a separate fic entirely.

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